Best dorm desks for students 2023

Students from grade school to grad school are always in need of a solid desk - there are no two ways around it. The issue is finding one at a reasonable price. Students, after all, aren't known for having lots of money.

There are a number of factors that make for a good student desk. You'll want something large enough for your Mac that fits in a smaller space, something that's not too expensive, and something with storage built in. Finding one at a reasonable price is the tricky bit, however, with desks often costing a lot of money. Not to worry, we've found some great desk options at great prices and put them all below.

If you're looking for a new desk, it's likely you want a nice but cheaper chair to go with it - make sure you check out the best budget desk chairs and where to find them.

Best dorm desks for students

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Do the Work

A desk is essential for any student - to do work, to relax. For most, a simple design with four legs and a wide desktop is going to be your best option. There's room for storage underneath, and plenty of space for laptops, monitors, and stationary on top. Need's 63-inch computer desk fills all those requirements nicely, with plenty more space to play with. It looks good to boot, if that's important to you, and will fit nicely in a small apartment or dorm room.

If you're looking for something more interesting, or you have a corner that needs filling with something useful, then the SHW L-shaped desk will tickle your fancy. It's perfect for maximizing space in a smaller area and provides a tone of space to work on art or creative writing. The included shelving is great for textbooks or other storage.

All about desks

Do I need a desk as a college student?

Most US college dorm rooms come furnished with a bed, dresser, and desk, so you won't need to purchase one yourself. So, before shopping for a desk for your dorm room, check with student housing to see if a desk will be provided. If you're going to spend a lot of time at your computer or surrounded by textbooks, then a desk will not only give you the best space to study, but potentially help your posture. In addition to a good desk chair, studying on a desk is the best option if you want to avoid long-term back problems, RSI, or other posture-related problems and conditions.

Should I study in bed?

It may be tempting to just prop yourself on some pillows in bed surrounded by your textbooks, your laptop open in front of you, but there are several problems with working where you sleep. Firstly, as previously mentioned, your back needs support, and working cross-legged on your bed isn't going to help you get what you need. Equally, some separation between where you work and where you chill is really important - a desk is a really good way to find balance.

How big should my desk be?

Excellent, you've decided to go with a desk! Your back will thank you. Desk size depends entirely on the size of your room and what you're going to put on it. For a small room, you're obviously going to need a smaller desk - but consider that you may get more desk real estate with less footprint with an L-shaped desk. For bigger rooms, you could go with a bigger desk for more space, where you can put more monitors or other equipment. If you don't need much desk space, you might be able to save some money by opting for a smaller desk. There is no one size fits all, so grab a tape measure and see what kind of space you have!

What height is best for my desk?

That depends a lot on you, the user. Essentially, when you're sat up straight at your desk, you want your forearms to be parallel and slightly above your desk. Most desks come at standard heights, so the best way to change things around is to have a play with the hydraulic lift on your desk chair. Remember that your feet should always be flat on the floor, but find a position that's most comfortable for you without slouching.

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