Best of Smartphone Experts, 14 Nov 2010

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Netflix finally coming to Android, on select devicesMotorola Droid Pro first impressions (opens in new tab)Sneak peak at the HTC Mecha/HD Incredible (opens in new tab)BlackBerry Style ReviewBlackBerry Bold 9780 First ImpressionsRed & White BlackBerry Torch Now Available from AT&T!!
Swype for Nokia N8Nokia N8 talk on the Mobile Sense showVerizon training employees for webOS 2.0Palm Pre disappears from Verizon and Sprint websitesPalm Pre 2 available in UK Nov 15th, but without carrier support
Apple doesn't release iOS 4.2 but does release iOS 4.2 GM 2. Has it been delayed?iOS 5 App Store wants: trials, upgrades, and subscriptionsSo you think you can podcast? Win a guest spot on iPhone Live! or iPad Live! [contest] (opens in new tab)Verizon waits on Microsoft for Windows Phone 7Samsung Focus ReviewWindows Phone 7 Review
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  • This site has quite a lag at the moment (at least for me, doesn't load properly). Facebook app update 3.3.2 is out. Adds access to your account and privacy settings, which is simply done by including a link to the website which is accessed within the app. Interestingly, this brings the "real" FB experience from the desktop browser to the iPhone app. If you need some of the features which are only accessible through the website but not within the app, now there's a fast way to get to them, without first having to start Safari, logging in and so on.