Best of Smartphone Experts, 21 March 2010

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  • After receiving the BACKFLIP inside mail I was satisfied yo know I could update the new firmware. I missed the rush, and it was lucky. I've had the Backflip for above a month a number of factors 3 or 4 crashes inside a month not bad for 15-20 apps open New WIFI things, along with a bigger edge dada than previous Nokia E61 and N93 Good that the BACKFLIP features a flex keyboard, the screen is often a bit difficult within the edges. You get 500 messages per day from Twitter, Facebook, Yaho, and who actually else yopu want. If you might have 30-60 correct friends, this is a excellent cellphone if you have far more it is going to grab too a great deal data. Just a 30 days but a excellent phone.
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