Best of Smartphone Experts, 27 June 2010

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Complete (opens in new tab)Motorola Droid X coverage: initial hands-on, first-look video, spec comparison, benchmark tests.T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S will be the Vibrant.Sprint says it's working on Froyo for the Evo 4G, but the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment won't. (opens in new tab)BlackBerry Shield features and screenshots leakedCrackBerry Idol contestant audition videos - check them out!CrackBerry guide to BlackBerry apps for golf
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iPhone 4 and iOS 4 are here and we have your complete iOS 4 walkthrough and iPhone 4 video guide.iPhone 4 antenna band reception problems? Keep track of: iPhone 4 issues and iOS 4 bugs.iPhone 4 forums: the best iPhone 4 community on the 'net. Join now! (opens in new tab)AT&T Microcell reviewZune marketplace lets you skip pointsOffice Live Workspace to merge with Skydrive