Smurfs' Village update and quick review

The popular time-management game Smurfs' Village recently updated to include Game Center support as well as more mini-games and quests. Here are the highlighted new features:

  • Add friends via Game Center and visit their villages
  • Play your Smurfs’ Village game across multiple iOS devices
  • More story scenes and quests for every level
  • Baby Smurf and Lazy Smurf (with a new mini-game) are now available
  • Greedy Smurf's baking game now gives gold as well as XP
  • Jokey now gives Smurfberries in his daily gift more often
  • Smurfberries are given for every level-up and shown on the level up screen

Of all the time-management games, Smurfs' Villiage is my favorite. The storyline and mini-games adds a new level of enjoyment to the game genre. If you like FarmVille and We Rule, I recommend you pick this one up!

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

  • I love this game! Does anyone know how your village can become featured?
  • Unfortunately, this game has "withering crops".
    Why play any game that doesn't realize your time is valuable?
    Why play a game you have to fit your life around?
  • That's how time-management games are. If crops didn't wither, there wouldn't be anything to manage about time.
    I don't fit my life around the game, I fit the game around my life. I pick crops to plant based on how long they take to grow. If I know I won't be able to play for a long time, I pick a plant that takes a long time to grow.
  • I've been corrupted. Everytime I see Smurfs, I think of the Unicef Smurf commercial...
    Is this represented in the game? :)
  • While you're at it, why not review another Capcom game, say Lil' Pirates?
  • they're knew i was cheating by changing the date/time :p
  • Just when you turn back the clock, but smurfs wont leave ur village. I did it all the time and now my lv is 33. $ $
  • I like ngmoco games but decided to check out that one and went up quite a few levels until the game started to crash. I could not even go into the game so removed it and reinstalled it: I had to start from the beginning so removed it for good. It looked ok but not as good as ngmoco's games.
  • In the video it was stated that if u hit something on accident in move mode u have too move it to another space. If u hit the red button with a line through it, it will ask if u want to delete the object, tap no and it will move it to where it was. Hope that saves some time!!!
  • CHEAT -- set your clock forward once you've planted whatever. game is synced to iphone clock...
  • yes agree with everyone.. very poor research on game... had a lot of potential though.. would've considered buying the smerfberries if it was anything as good as famville
  • Hello can everyone help me? i have a quest from papa smurf.he want a room without floor,walls door and windows, i dont know what it is.and i become no more ep from snails or smurfette since there was the update with the snow. please excuse my bad englisch =)
  • Mushroom
  • Michaela, it's kinda tricky. Simply buy a 5 dollar mushROOM, hence the whole room thing.
  • oh =D thank you very much
  • Thank you thank you thank you "Reid " I was stuck with the room riddle for ages !!
    It worked ! I'm free to carry on !!! Thank you
  • i cannont connect to facebook with my smurfs.. it will not let me log in.. i have wifi and it keeps saying anytime i try to invite friends it says connection to fb then it says oops there was a problem connecting to fb please check ur internet connection.. i have tried on other wifi connections and it does the same thing.. my sister also plays smurfs and i would like to be able to visit her village.. she can visit mine... any suggestions..
  • hi i am having the same problem.... my friends cant see my village and i cant leave gifts in thiers. did u figure out what the deal is? i cant find anything about this problem...its really starting to irritate me
    my email is , if you can let me know anything or if yours is fixed..please email me
  • I have smurfs on my IPad and IPhone. I was playing on my phone and my girlfriend was playing on the iPad. Is there a way to play two separate games as 1 game continually overwrites the other...
  • Hi salty
    I am running 2 separate villages, one on iPod and one on iPad. They are at different levels and individual layouts. Every so often, the game centre tells me that one must override the other and that I must choose. Ignore the message and take the device with the secondary game out of a wifi zone. Switch device off and back on. Open the village and you will get a message 'cannot connect to game centre'. Chose to ignore (or cancel - cannot remember the exact wording). The village will open as new i.e. from start which is not what you want. Now close it and then reopen it. You may need to do this 2-3 times. Eventually, your game (specific to that device) will reappear. It then tends to stay as normal for quite some time even when you are back in your wifi zone and playing both games. Only takes minutes to do and nothing to lose if it goes wrong for you, but it has worked for me twice now. Good luck!
  • Since the update jokey smurf doesn't give any gifts and the snails and catapillas dont give any xp. Any suggestions???
  • I have the same issue. Since I was doing all the time changing there were no problems but after a while Smurfette, jokey, caterpillars and snails are not giving away anything. I think that's some kind of penalty for cheating or just the game is stucked!
    Also, the bakery, papa smurf lab and handy smurf game were not working until I click on them and the clock started again backwards.
    If you know how to fix this already I will appreciate it.
  • The game somtimes catches you cheating, and knows you changed the clock. this might be why Jokey smurf, etc. arent working?
  • you have to change the year month and day to the day jokey doesn't give gifts you don't need to change the hour and the minute tip:don't change the time to the original time when your cheating if you don't want jokey doesnt give gifts again.
  • you are not correct about the moving feature and this can save you a ton of time. all you have to do is tap the red circle symbol when you mistake an grab an item that you did not want. it will askyou if you want to delete the item . you tap no and the item will be placed where it currently resides. too simple. sorry you wasted so much time trying to not move items....
  • How do you visit your friends village?????? I can't figure it out! Explain how to do this in detail! Please!
  • Don't know if you have already found this out. During the game hit the icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen, then just choose which friend village you want then tap the name on the banner. Usually you can find what you need to find out in the help icon on the start screen of Smurf Village. Hope it helps.
  • I am on level 24 and can not get the papa smurf to clear the rocks at the mine, it just does not happen any ideas
  • Hi I can't pass the quest "give some woods to timber" or something like that. I tried placing some woods by timber smurf hut already but nothing happened. Pls help
  • Hi,
    I have the same problem and I red on facebook that you need to wait until you can collect xp from Timber smurf again. You may place the logs but the quest only finishes when you can collect xp again from Timber smurf. (this also applies to another quest similar to this one with miner smurf.)
  • Where do I find the logs to give to timber smurf? Help
  • How do you find the logs to give to Timber smurf I cant find any and i already collected xp from him today when i leveled up this morning and it asked for logs?
  • Hi,
    The logs are bought with coins (10 coins each) & u find the logs when u click on the hammer icon in the lower right corner. There u click on the tab that looks like a to the Smurf house tab...& the logs u need will be the 31st item down the row.
  • Had the same prolem, put the logds near him and wait until next time you collect from him, next is the rocks to miner smurf.... thats not working for me yet.......
  • Yes - someone please help!!! I don't know how to pass the rocks to miner smurf part!!
  • I figured it out....put some rocks around the mine and wait until it resets itself and you press the icon above the mine. It will give you the extra XP.
  • I need friends in Smurf's :-) Pls add me "trolljenten" Thx! I'm on L 24, got miner smurf problem... Will try out tips given here :-)
  • how to add you in? i dont think i have miner probs. Dont you just play the miner smurf game? or you are referring something else? im on level 27.
  • i have that problem too if you want to fix that you have to change the time about 24hours 57minutes and wait for another 3 minutes it works for me
  • everytime i click on the miner smurf cave thing it just gives me coins and xp, i cant play the game. how do i play it? :P
  • i have that problem too if you want to fix that you have to change the time about 23hours 57minutes and wait for another 3 minutes it works for me
  • Can I add friend unless log in to fb? what about friend in game centre? If my friend in GC plays Smurf, Does he/she become friend in Smurf too?
  • I need to pass the "Build Stone Walls" stage... "Let's build some stone walls to guide the smurfs. Add 3 segments of stone wall to the village" Please help, as I have tried to place so some around. i just cant pass this stage. Please help.
  • Hi, I placed them to the far right side 3 pieces of stonewalls. That worked for me...
  • Which three stones
  • Thx u so much, it worked. I had no idea there were stone walls, as i didn't see them at the 1st place. I add so much stone/rocks, now i need to get rid of them =(
    Thank you once again!
  • try to figure out miner smurf problem...
  • I can't visit my friends smurf village. When I click on their village, my iPod goes back to the home screen. But I am receiving gifts from my friends.
    Can someone please help me.
    This has started happening after I started an account in the game centre. Not sure if that had anything to to with it though...
  • I can't visit either, mine started after I had not played for a few days. Any suggestions?
  • Hey Amy. I can visit other smurf villages now. I updated the application In the app store. Hoped that helped you.
  • I don't get daily gifts does anyone know what I should do
  • I dont think this game offer daily gifts, but you can recieve gift by friends
  • Can you play the same smurf village on both the iphone and ipad without having 2 different levels? Pls help.
  • u have to copy the pictures and copy it in ur another smurf village but ur lv will be 1 again and u have to change the time
  • and by copying the pictures i mean copy it in ur desktop and do exactly what u did in ur another smurf village.
  • A popular fansite and community for village owners has been created. You can access forums, chatroom, tutorials & guides, etc. to make the game a much more interactive with other village owners!
  • How do you pass leval 20 on smurfs? I have places logs near the timber mill and nothing is happening how do I know if it is?
    Thanks :)
  • I'm stuck on the baker smurk quest. I'm supposed to bake a cherry pie, but no matter wha ti do I cant' do it well enough to finish the quest. Any suggestions anybody?
  • I haven't trouble myself and can't get pass this any hints????
  • im at level 30 and i can't level up does anybody know why.. the game will not let me level up i'm stuck ..
  • There are only 30 levels inthe game right now. The last update on Feb 28 added levels 29 & 30. If you're at 30 now, you can't move on until they have another update. No point growing crops or doing any quests. Those XP points get wasted.
  • Actually they dont get wasted, once you update- they add em all up. As soon as I dl’d the new update I went up to level 31.
  • Actually they dont get wasted, once you update- they add em all up. As soon as I dl'd the new update I went up to level 31.
  • For those who are having a problem from cheating with not getting XP from jokey, snails etc, is because technically that day already happened so it wont give you the xp again. You have to get to real time to where you cheated to and then it will start giving xp again
  • What is tha answer to the second riddle on level 23,what is a room with no doors,windows,floor or wall?
  • A mushROOM. :)
  • does anyone know where to find the logs in get timber some wood
  • Hi! I couldn't help but quicken time and return it to real time. Papa Smurf warned me about losing Smurfs. Will I really lose some Smurfs if I continue changing time?
  • I' m at level 30 and I have no more room, even to put a house on.The only way is to start deleting stuff,but I don't want to.Any idea when more room will be available? For now I'm at a stand still.
  • I've been playing surfs on my iPhone for a while now and have gotten to level 15. I just got an iPad and would like to play without starting at level 1 again. I want to be able to transfer my current game over to my iPad I guess... Can this be done?
  • I meant to say SMURFS
  • I'd like to know the same... Been playing on wife's iPad and finally got my own... I'd like to stop using hers....
  • Hi, all! This is a pretty addicting game and it's pretty well made but i must say that Capcom could do a MUCH better job with their descriptions of the items in the Build menus. Anyone know if having paths throughout your village actually DOES anything? i see the smurfs following the paths, but they are just as likely to walk right through my garden patch too. How about benches and seats? i see the smurfs using them during downtime but are they really just decoration? what the heck is that 1000g barrel thing? does it do anything? Or the 50g bag of what looks to be potatoes or maybe grain? Anyway, if anyone has the answers to these questions, i'd love to hear them! :)
    Thanks and Happy Smurfing!
  • When does the snow come what level
  • just wait for winter!
  • Papa's riddle
    This is a room that has no floor, no walls, no windows and also no door....
    What thing need I place?
  • that's a mushroom
  • thanks a lot!
  • a mushroom
  • I'm at lv 33 and I want my village become featured. Does anyone know how to do that?
  • how do you add friends? my boyfriend has this game and it says i need a friend to water the flowers so they can grow. but i cant find a feature where it says to add friens other than the facebook bit, but even then that wont work..
  • Hey.. You go into game center on your ipod or ipad and add them under there.
  • I'm suppose to build a pink intellectual bench and I have built 3 pink benches. Help!?!?!
  • Level 23.Papa smurf ask: seem dry,make u cry.What am I? ( a crop)
    I think Onions,yes?
    Plant the crop mentioned in the Riddle ? what does it means? thanks
  • How come I can see my smurf neighbors on my iPad and not iPhone ?something wrong with my iPhone ? And hoe to rectify ?
  • How do i delete a mushroom house?
  • Halp me please..."many foods can make me strong, but give me water and I won't live long. What am I?
  • Fire
  • Hi, I'm on level 22 and Papa smurf wants me to built a hut to get more smurfs but I did this as soon as I levelled up so I'm at maximum number of smurfs and can only get more with smurfberries. Do I have to wait until I've got to level 23 to complete this quest???
  • I'm on level 24. Brainy smurf says "Naturally, I keep well informed about any news on the upcoming Smurfs movie! If you want my advice, you should check it out!" He gives you the option to see the movie or pass for the moment. I have seen ALL the clips on the website and the synopis and looked at the wallpapers. Any advice on how to complete this task?
  • My problem is suddenly the mix portion house disappear what I can do I don't want to start from the begging
  • I'm unable to open the game! Every time I go in to play it gets to the main screen and then it loads for a while and then closes. Why is it doing this??? I'm ready to delete the game!
  • I just turned off my iPod then waited a minute. Then when you turn it back on try to play it again. It worked for me.
  • I am having the SAME exact problem!!!!
  • That mean they just updated it wrong wait for the next update then it will be back to norma happens with lots of apps
  • That mean they just updated it wrong wait for the next update then it will be back to norma happens with lots of apps
  • You will have to restart the app
  • This happened to me as well. I deleted some apps I wasnt' using, I downloaded a new app and I updated all apps. Then smurfs starts working again, however: Half of the crop plots, and houses are gone and It took me back 4 levels. It left me with 1058945625 in coins and 13605417191 in smurf berries! I haven't ever paid a dime for this game. Not sure why it happened but I have been playing with it to see what everything does. Now my complaint is there is no reason to try to make money or go up any more levels. Having it all isn't as great as it seems it should be.
  • I have an iphone 3gs 4.1 unlock, and i can´t run smurfs village, someone know why?
  • Does anyone know how to get on te featured villages??
  • I changed the device time and now can't see my friend's villages. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  • Do not change your devices time. There is a cheat going around that if you go in and reset your device clock ahead a few minutes past the time remaining on your crops then go back to the game, you can harvest your crops in very little time. I did this. On the second time, Papa Smurf came on and said he was disappointed that I had overworked his smurfs. I went ahead and harvested my crops and after a short while closed the game. When I went back into the game, everything was gone and the game had reset to the very beginning! I was very upset as I had purchased Smurfberries. However, Capstar had placed all berries I had purchased onto my game. I really can't complain. I did cheat when I changed the time and I feel they were very generous to return my berries to me. By the way, I was on level 25!!
  • I didn't change my time but I'm having the same issue and my game is telling me that I changed the time... so I went and checked the clock but the time is correct on my machine and i'm so confused as to what to do or what could have caused this.
  • i am having the same issue!!! says my clock is wrong but it matches my cell phone clock and my computer clock! and now i cant see my friends villages:-( anyone with comments on whats going on please let us know!
  • If you are connected to the Internet say on a iPod go to where ever you are connected say your home computer and see the time on the computer and make sure its the same time it should be
  • you could have recovered your game!!!! go to options and tap papa smurfs head 16 times, it brings up the "recover game" button
  • its not working! :(((( is it just for the iphone? Cause i have a android !
  • My phone set a new time by itself, then smurfs village accused me of trying to cheat. Since then i cant collect XP from Smurfette, the caterpillar or the snail. I am unable to view any gift from Jokey. I am also no longer able to play the mine mini game. What should I do?
  • Same problem! I had about 15 snails and 10 caterpillars and now I get nothing! And nothing of jokey!
  • i have a question about the game its self so maybe u all can help me out?
    papa smurf is telling me to gather wood for timber annd......... i dot know how i played the mini game handys workshop but it didnt do anything.....soooo help plz.
  • Go onto the menu where you buy flowers and stuff purchase a log and place beside timber.
  • i am trying to get this on my samsung galaxy s phone but i cant fint the smufs village on my phone but i cant find it dose anyone know??????
  • Sorry galaxy is too bad
  • I have added a friend through the game center. I have tried entering through GC but cannot find a way to see this friend. Help
  • i don't know that cheat of snow??plssss teach how to cheat snow??thanks
  • The snow is provided in an update, only happens in winter, one of the seasonal temporary changes, like the Easter update
  • umm.. if ever i did the coin and smurfberries cheat thing, can i be able to do an update without losing my smurfberries?
  • Why cant i complete brainy smurf quest of watching the movie even when i watched trailer 1&2 and also the teaser
  • Don't know how to pAss cooking game 
  • My smurf game wouldn't start after the upgrade n hangs at the orange beeline page. How to solve this? Thks
  • Same problem! Anyone help?
  • same problem here! im now thinking of deleting and reinstalling the app but im afraid that i might start all over again.. pls help..
  • I'm only at level 21, and understand that top level is in the 30's, something like 36 or 39. does that mean I won't be able earn anymore smurf berries per level once I've maxed out and then only get the occassional one as a gift from Jokey? Or can will you still be able to do a level but just won't increase the number, but will still get the gifts for completing.
    I enjoy the game but not enough to buy smurfberries, especially not at the prices they are charging. If the game had more to it I would consider buying the berries as I do that to support the authors of the game, but this one is not in the same class as Sim City or HSH. Not to mention the lack of speed on loading. 1-2 minute load time seems a bit long to me for a phone app.
  • I'm on level 25 and being told to upgrade papa smurfs hut but when I click on it to do the upgrade it doesn't allow me too? What's going on?
  • I'm assuming it has to do with the Alchemist Smurf that was introduced in the last update. Try seeing if there is an update that you haven't installed. I bet that would solve the problem. Once you have updated, papa will send smurfs to look for alchemist. When they return, papa smurfs house turns into alchemist smurfs house. Good luck!
  • make the yellow potion that will upgrade it
  • Plant the crops mentioned on the riddle. What I'm suppose to do if appear likedis? Pls help me
  • Papa Smurf wants me to take a pix of the village. How do I do this.
  • Camera Icon in the upper (right?) corner....
  • I have updated my Smurf Village to version, and I now no longer can find my Papa Smurf Lab! and I am in Level 21 and stuck in the quest to prepare a purple portion.
    When I try to restore my game to a previous time I can see the Lab but once I accept the change the Lab still does not exist.
    I have tried to purchase a new one yet it is not in the market for me to buy a new one.
    I have tired to contact beeline support but I still do not get any answer back from them.
    Can someone help
  • I have updated my Smurf Village to version, and I now no longer can find my Papa Smurf Lab! and I am in Level 21 and stuck in the quest to prepare a purple portion.
    When I try to restore my game to a previous time I can see the Lab but once I accept the change the Lab still does not exist.
    I have tried to purchase a new one yet it is not in the market for me to buy a new one.
    I have tired to contact beeline support but I still do not get any answer back from them.
    Can someone help
  • WhAt is a miners mine
  • Has anyone updated their iphone 4 to IOS 5? does smurf village work on IOS 5? and will it still remain in the same level?
  • Updated iPad to iOS 5; works great and at the same level.
  • play baby smurff pleaseeee
  • You don't need to movie an object into an open space after you have touched it just press delete and it will ask you if you want to delete and then say no then it will go back to it original position
  • You don't need to movie an object into an open space after you have touched it just press delete and it will ask you if you want to delete and then say no then it will go back to it original position
  • You don't need to movie an object into an open space after you have touched it just press delete and it will ask you if you want to delete and then say no then it will go back to it original position
  • I really loved this review, it's so amazing.
    Well, i have something tontell you which is about moving things like houses and other stuff, you have mentioned that if you moved something you need to place it in an empty place then put it back to its previous place, i wanna say that if you click on something and you want to put it back to its place again you just need to click on the RED botton and it will go back to its place without putting it to an empty place first then put it back.
    That's all. And thanks for the nice review.
  • Can you tell me how to upgrade christmas trees?
  • Level24 papa want a room wif no floor nO window no wall no door, wat is tat?
  • I'm stuck on the same riddle!
  • MushRoom
  • how do you upgrade christmas trees???
  • You just tap the tree and pay for the upgrade. Its like upgrading one of your houses.
  • I can't upgrade the christmas tree either...
  • After recent update to the 5.01 OS I am not able to expand to show all my land so I am no longer go collect from several hidden crops and buildings. Help
  • I gotta make a blue potion as a quest but cant play papa smurfs lab!!! So i cant advance in the game!! Someone knows anything about this probleme????
  • Cant play papa smurfs lab!! Its the only mini game that i cant i need to make a blue potion as a quest what can i do???
  • What if it won't show up that I can upgrade it when I tap on the tree?
  • i just updated to ios5 and my notifications wont work. Help!
  • Collect a gift from jokey?? What is?? Tell me please
  • can android get dreamy smurf
  • When I try to buy smurfberries, it says " You must purchase the app that's this item is for before you purchase the item " What app and what do I do???!!!
  • Hey that picture third down from the top with the lip ring, that's me! How funny lol
  • I'm having some.difficulty level 20 after Gargamel.found the village and we should put a new garden in a new area. I cant put the garden anywhere. Whats the problem?
  • get miner som rocks
    legs some rocks for smurf
    place some rocks near mine smurf mine to collect some xtra xp.Touch the mine to see which rocks are afeed xp +175
    get miner some rocks
    Lets get some rocks for miner smurf.
    place some rocks near miner smurf, mine to collect some extra xp. Touch the mine to see which rocks are affected.
    +xp 175
  • MY PENISSSS HURRRRRRRTTTTTTSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM SICK AFTER WATCHING 2girls 1cup 1 guy 1jar and this oh my lord
  • Since the update it says "collect a package from Jokey"... I can't work it out ? Is it a bug or do I need to do something?
  • I hot to buy a pink bench, but I don't know what that is. I already tried the pink fench but that doesn't work. Can someone please help me??
  • I don't see the ship that papa smurf says will take me to the island. Where is this ship?
  • One of my tasks is to build a pink bench. How do you do it?