SPE at Microsoft MIX10 for Windows Phone 7 Series -- The Competition!

I had the chance to talk to Microsoft's Loke Uei about Windows Phone 7 Series at GDC last week and he was cagey and super-secret about the version running on his pre-production unit promising more would be revealed at MIX 10 this week in Las Vegas. Well our very own editor-in-chief, Dieter Bohn, at the show to seek it out and will be covering the keynote live at 9am PT, 12pm ET over at WMExperts.com.

What might be interesting to TiPb readers is the approach Microsoft is taking -- it looks to be one of the first truly different post-iPhone smartphone concepts that's not really app-centric but rather aggregation centric. They haven't sold me on the UI yet, but the flow between "experiences" looks stellar, as does the logical way in which information is grouped and made available. It's going after consumers, which is the heart of the iPhone market.

Will Apple have to up their game for iPhone 4.0 in face of what the competition is (finally!) bringing to market in 2010?

Rene Ritchie

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  • "Will Apple have to up their game for iPhone 4.0 in face of what the competition is (finally!) bringing to market in 2010?"
    I surely hope so...i mean, iPad is ok and all, but i think Apple shouldn´t forget the iPhone is their top mobile product. And we are in time for new stuff. I will hate if they delay OS 4.0 presentation much more...
  • Microsoft has A.D.D. when it comes to products its seems. Lots of hype and then all downhill from there. Just like the Zune.
    I hope for the completition but I hope that microsoft is as involved with this phone as much as apple is with the iPhone
  • It's fine with me if every other handset surpasses the iPhone. All I care about is my iPhone playing nice with my Macs, iTunes, Apple TV, and MobileMe... which it now does so perfectly.
    I wish only the best for the competition... but, I'll stick with iPhone, regardless.
  • I switches from win-mo to the iPhone back when the 3g came out. I just liked the way the iPhone caters to the user, as win-mo was very"technical" when performing simple operations. I love my iPhone, but it will be intersting to see if Microsoft really understands what the average user wants in a portable device!!!
  • More power to them. I'm sure there's a better mousetrap out there somewhere. But I agree with previous posts that the massive bureaucracy that is Microsoft hasn't demonstrated an ability to follw through on a great concept since Windows 95 or NT.
  • looks good but no multitasking is a killer ... Good luck with that dumbed down version of a "smartphone" .. pun-intended ..
  • I hate to admit it but my iPhone 3GS is looking pretty outdated these days. It certainly doesn't feel like the "premium" mobile phone to have any more, the unlocked Nexus One's screen, the Droid's screen and more open-sourced feel, etc. all feel fresher. I hope we'll get a real re-design this year, I'm the kind of early adopter that needs to have the latest and the 3G to 3GS switch was a real snooze. We need a real update to the iPhone OS, and a real redesign to the hardware with some advanced feature that at least catch up to the competition's superior screens.
    Oh and for the love of god, please have a one-button way to switch WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth on and off, they're battery killers that we need to be able to toggle easily and not by going through endless menus.
  • @ websyndicate
    Zune is doing well.
    The Xbox 360 Platform is doing very well.
    Xbox Live services are doing very well.
    Windows 7 is doing extremely well. It is one of the most loved and top rated OSes in years. It is also a top seller.
    and WM7s will continue to do extremely well as Microsoft continues to focus on integrating all of its products and services.
  • @ Lady Kaede
    Once again you must not have been following microsoft. Since 2002 they have been slowing rolling with great and innovative products. I'll start with the original Xbox.
    Xbox did well.
    Xbox 360 continues to do well.
    Vista did alright.
    Windows 7 was one of the fastest operating systems ever and is lauded for its simplicity, ease of use, updates and quickness.
    Zune has not sold as many units as the Ipod but it is doing alright.
    WM7s will do extremely well.
    Courier will become the definitive tablet and crush the oversized itouch that is the ipad.
    Take the blinders off.
  • I don't expect the iphone OS to change much at all. There isn't a huge clamoring of iphone users that want to see a re-design. I hear users asking for a standard camera flash and that really is about it. The iphone is the classic "smartphone for dummies" and guess what? Iphone users don't care a lick because they have something cool that has cool apps and games.
    Microsoft's WP7 series is the first true competitor to the iphone because Microsoft has an established large ecosystem and for the first time Microsoft is not catering to the techies and business users but the everyday consumers that gravitate to the iphone.
    Given the new development tools and the more tightly controlled specs that Microsoft is demanding I have no doubt that they will get their share of the market back on the rise. Honestly i expect Microsoft to gain most of that share from Android users than anywhere else. Android got its momentum by being the cool new kid on the block but now Microsoft is about to steal their thunder.
    Did I mention that the cross platform gaming is going to be amazing. Check out the demos and you'll realize that indeed Microsoft has got gaming right and developers can easily add on screen controls to simplify the gaming experience.
    Just announced that WP7 series phones will have on board memory and not removable memory cards. So just like the Zune HD had big disk spaces so will the phones.
    Finally the Zune HD was not marketed that well but now we know why. Shortly after releasing the Zune HD Microsoft realized it had to reboot its Mobile OS and decided to take alot of the features of the Zune HD and base WP7 Series around that.
    My prediction is that there will be well over 25,000 apps on launch for the WP7 Series. Six months to develop apps that shouldn't take anyone more than 3 months to develop.
    Microsoft is about to launch a massive campaign this time too. Ditching their usual marketing firm for a better one this time around. Notice their ad coming out of MWC last month? More commercials like that are coming our way.
    Iphone users will continue to love their Iphone and good for those of you that do. I'm rolling with the WP7 Series because I like some degree of controll and customization.
  • @ViewPV .. Control and customization .. that was maybe the old WINMO .. and Android... This WP7 is very restricted .. no multitasking .. strict hardware standards.. no 3rd party customization .. no skinning or theming .. I have yet to see anything that is truly customizable from the UI ...
    go to wmexperts.com .. see the list of restrictions they have..
  • looks good but no multitasking is a killer … Good luck with that dumbed down version of a “smartphone” .. pun-intended ..
  • Finally the Zune HD was not marketed that well but now we know why. Shortly after releasing the Zune HD Microsoft realized it had to reboot its Mobile OS and decided to take alot of the features of the Zune HD and base WP7 Series around that.
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