Spiritfarer collector's edition features the Everlight and a spirit lantern

Spiritfarer Gwen Everdoor
Spiritfarer Gwen Everdoor (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Spiritfarer is a game about helping spirits and ferrying them to the afterlife.
  • The latest free update involves a bird spirit named Beverly.
  • The update is available today, alongside pre-orders for the collector's edition of the game.

Spiritfarer offers a unique, calming, and touching experience where players are tasked with helping spirits tie up loose ends before ferrying them to the afterlife. There are a number of spirits whom you can assist, and with the roadmap announced by ThunderLotus, players can get new content even after the game released. The spring update featured a spirit named "Lily", who wasn't a manifestation of any one animal, but a large collection of butterflies whom you can only encounter at night.

The latest of these updates is the summer "Beverly" update, which involves a tiny bird spirit whose passion involves film. ThunderLotus announced the update's release in a tweet today that the update is free and available on all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

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The update also coincides with pre-orders for the collector's edition, being offered by iam8bit. This collector's edition includes:

  • A physical release of the game with unique cover art
  • Digital download cards for the soundtrack and art book
  • Postcards and stamp-shaped stickers
  • A lamp resembling Stella's Everlight
  • A lantern holder for the Everlight
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It's pretty steep at $200 USD, but for fans of the game, it's worth every penny. Pre-orders are available from today for both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions.

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