Splashtop puts Windows 8 on your iPad in the ultimate show of sacrilege

Splashtop's desktop-to-mobile virtualization app has just perversely enabled users to access their Windows 8 PC desktop on their iPad. Of course, this sort of VPN is nothing new, but it is the first time we're seeing it with Windows 8, much of which was designed specifically for touch input. It looks like all of the gestures are there, including multitouch to reposition tiles, leftwards swipes to go back a step, dual-pane multitasking, menu options on the right side, and icon options from the bottom. Latency seems low, which means it's responsive enough to at least play a simple pinball game.

Even as Apple fans, it's hard to ignore that Windows 8 actually looks pretty awesome, and if you can have a reliable, consistent experience with it through Splashtop while still having full access to the perks of iOS, I'm tempted to give it a shot.  Of course, for this particular set up, you need to have Splashtop installed on your existing Windows 8 computer (unlike OnLive, which hosts the remote Windows machine for you). It's worth noting that since Windows 8 is still technically in a developer beta, Splashtop is gearing this towards programmers who are interested in testing their apps in a touch environment.

If you're interested in giving this a shot, the Win8 Metro Testbed for Splashtop is currently half off, but even then, it's a little steep at $24.99. In any case, Splashtop's Win8 Metro Testbed looks like it works well enough. How many of you iPad owners out there are still using a Windows machine? Are you tempted to give Windows 8 a shot? Maybe there are even a few of you thinking of switching away from Mac...

$24.99 - Download now

If you're looking for alternatives, iTap Mobile has an app for $11.99 that uses the RDP protocol, which is native to Windows, so it doesn't need something installed on the PC. RDP also captures the vectors of open windows rather than simply streaming a live image of the screen, which means reduced latency and improved responsiveness. Unfortunately, iTap doesn't list support for Windows 8 yet, but Windows 8 supports RDP - it should work, right?

$11.99 - Download now

Source: Splashtop Blog

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