Sprinkle for iPhone and iPad review: Fight fires and save villages but don't run out of water first!

Sprinkle for iPhone and iPad is a great casual puzzler in which you'll control a water cannon in order to distinguish fires and save villages. The trick is that you've only got so much water and obstacles stand in the way of you and several fires. You'll have to use the water in order to move objects out of the way or cascade water on top of them in order to splash it up where you need it.

Sprinkle takes place on Titan, a moon of Saturn. Its inhabitants all live in straw houses and when space tourists crash through Saturn's rings, it sends asteroids crashing into Titan, setting blazing fires. The Titan dwellers built a huge water cannon in order to fight the flames. That's where you come in.

In order to play Sprinkle you'll use the water cannon the Titans built to extinguish all the fires. You can move your cannon up and down by tapping and dragging it or drag your finger up and down anywhere on the screen to adjust the angle in which water comes out. As you progress through the levels of Sprinkle, you'll notice that the difficulty level of extinguishing fires increases. You'll have to activate switches, move objects out of the way with a stream of water, and even use them in order to gain leverage and bounce water off of them to where you need it to be.

You only have a certain amount of water in each level in order to complete it so you'll have to use it sparingly and make sure that you're getting it where it needs to be. If you run out of water, you'll fail the level and have to start over again.

The good

  • Great water physics that is not only realistic, but will keep you challenged throughout several of the harder levels
  • Cute characters and an even cuter story line
  • Easy game play controls makes Sprinkle fun for kids and even big kids of all ages

The bad

  • No complaints

The bottom line

Sprinkle is an insanely fun and even cuter casual game that will keep the kids, or yourself, busy combatting fires for hours. If you are a fan of games like Where's My Mickey?, Sprinkle will be right up your alley.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.