Where's My Mickey? for iPhone review: Help Mickey work his way through over 100 head scratching levels

Where's My Mickey? for iPhone is Disney's newest Mickey adventure where you'll help him and his friends collect water and evade the elements to complete each story line. Throughout each of 5 separate stories, you'll need to think your way through how to complete each level without losing water along the way or not getting it to Mickey at all. Collecting stars along the way gives you higher points. Collect all three to ace each level.

Throughout each level of Where's My Mickey? you'll be presented with different challenges that stand in the way of Mickey collecting water. Whether it's digging through sand, ridding the level of lava, or using storm clouds to produce more water, different stories will have different obstacles to overcome.

Most levels will involve you digging through sand in order to release water to Mickey. You'll have to be careful where you decide to dig it though as it could run off the sides or into another obstacle. Items such as lava will destroy the water you've released. Instead you'll need to carefully plan out which obstacles need to be moved and which ones can help you get closer to your goal.

There is typically enough extra water in each level to allow you to either make a mistake or obtain a star that may not be on the direct path to Mickey. There are currently five stories to complete in Where's My MIckey? where each will introduce new obstacles along your way. There are also unlockable bonus levels that you can play featuring other Disney favorites such as Pluto.

The good

  • Cute animations that will keep kids busy for hours
  • Some levels are actually quite challenging which makes this game a little bit longer of a play
  • New obstacles to compete against and new objects to help along the way

The bad

  • First three story packs come with the game purchase, the additional two will have to be purchased in-app for an additional $0.99, the game isn't very up front about this

The bottom line

Where's My Mickey? is an enjoyable game for kids and adults alike. Even for adults, there are certain levels that can keep you scratching your head for a few minutes. When it comes to children, they may need a little help on those kinds of levels depending upon age.

Overall, it's priced well and even buying the additional levels will give you quite a bit of game play for not a lot of money. If you or your kids love Mickey, this is definitely one you'll want to add to your collection.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.