Sprint brings rolling data to prepaid plans, available exclusively at Best Buy

Sprint will now give prepaid users the ability to rollover their unused data each month, keeping a reserve of up to 30GB. With this, not only can customers bank their unused data, but the data doesn't have an expiration date like it does with other carriers. These new plans are available exclusively from Best Buy.

From Sprint:

Unlike the competition, Sprint Prepaid rolling data doesn't expire and customers can store up to 30GB of data; Also available, after nine on-time payments customers can turn in their phone and upgrade to a new smartphone lease, only at Best Buy.

Pricing for these new plans starts at $35 a month, which gets you unlimited talk and text, along with 1GB of rolling data. For $45 users will get 3GB of rolling data per month, and $55 will bump it up to 6GB of rolling data. If you are looking for a new plan to cut some costs, head into your local Best Buy to get started.

Source: Sprint

Jared DiPane

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