Sprint brings some new faces on board in executive shakeup

Sprint has announced a slight executive shakeup today, bringing in former Telstra exec Tarek Robbiati as its new CFO, and Günther Ottendorfer as its COO of technology. The shakeup will also see Sprint's Chief Network Officer, John Saw, promoted to Chief Technology Officer. Sprint is clearly looking to bring a fresh outlook on its strategy in the competitive mobile space with some new faces. Speaking on Robbiati's new position as CFO, Sprint emphasized his track record for transformation at his previous posts:

During his time in senior operating and finance roles at FlexiGroup, Telstra International Group, CSL Limited and Orange Plc., he helped to successfully transform these companies, reorganizing them, refining their strategy and making the choices that strengthened them and positioned them to grow.

Similarly, Sprint is hoping that Ottendorfer will help the company successfully expand its wireless network:

Sprint has been making substantial progress in delivering a network with the reliability, capacity and speed customers demand. Ottendorfer, in his capacity leading the Technology Office, will lead the company's efforts to build on that progress by deploying the next generation of its wireless network. This will capitalize on Sprint's rich spectrum portfolio, increasing coverage and capacity by significantly densifying the company's network.

With the new executives coming on board just ahead of Sprint's quarterly earnings report tomorrow, August 4, it seems likely the company may be pre-empting some bad news. In any case, it will be interesting to see how this pans out, and if we see any notable shifts in strategy to deal with Sprint's most immediate threat, T-Mobile.

Source: Sprint

Dan Thorp-Lancaster