Sprint CEO: We throttle top 1 percent of data users

Hot off the Dow Jones Newsire comes a report that, according to their CEO Dan Hesse, Sprint is throttling the top 1 percent of data users, including their new iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S subscribers.

"For those that want to abuse it, we can knock them off," Hesse said at an investor conference Thursday. He said Sprint pares back data use for about 1% of users, a practice known as throttling.

Sprint was initially gung-ho about offering unlimited data to iPhone subscribers, so what's the deal? If they're throttling data users, then their "Truly Unlimited" network isn't actually unlimited at all. It sounds as if Sprint may be falling in line with all the other major U.S. carriers -- or at least publicly taking steps to get there.

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Anyone care to take a guess at how long it'll be before Sprint rids their "unlimited" data plans altogether?

[UPDATE]: It looks like Dow Jones misconstrued what Hesse actually said. The throttling is only related to roaming data, not their regular unlimited data offerings. Although, Sprint has a lot of roaming partners, including Verizon, so this still applies to a measurable number of heavy-data subscribers. So much for Dow Jones' spot-on journalism...

Source: Dow Jones Newswire