Sprint gets hit with $1.2 million fine over six-month 911 outage

Sprint has been ordered by the FCC to pay a fine of $1.2 million after it was discovered that the carrier's network was unable to properly handle 911 calls from individuals with hearing difficulties. Unfortunately, Sprint was neglecting the Captioned Telephone Service which provides the closed-captions for the emergency calls.

The firms that provide the technology, along with Sprint, let the system fall for nearly six months, which meant anyone with a hearing disability that called in that time frame could not get through. Even worse is that the FCC provides a subsidy to carriers to maintain the services, and Sprint continued to collect the money while the service was down. Sprint is now required to pay the $1.2 million fine, and ensure that the functionality is in proper running order going forward.

Source: FCC; Via: Engadget

Jared DiPane

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  • I really really need to look again at switching from Sprint. This type of thing is just so typical. The tough part is that we have a family plan with 6 phones on it. Sprint has had the best deal for family plans for a while, but I would switch if somebody would just match the deal.
  • Honestly, since i got LTE and an Iphone 6 my sprint service has been a whole lot better. That said, what i don't get is how Softbank came in promising money and faster speeds yet they seem to have spent all their time making up marketing and different payment plans rather than upgrading their network to a level that is as fast as other networks or upgrading the level of their customer service. just to get an iphone 6 on my same plan it took me 2.5 hours standing at the counter because of bad computers and bad software.