Sprint makes its unlimited LTE data plans more affordable for families

Sprint has announced some affordable plans for those who are seeking unlimited data. From February 12, for a limited time only, customers will be able to get unlimited call time, SMS and high-speed data for $37.50 per line (when selecting two or more), saving a family of four up to $360 each year. Prior to the discount, each line would set you back $45. This will enable each of the four family members to take full advantage of Sprint's LTE Plus network without spending a fortune for a high allowance.

Here's how the pricing works. A single line costs $75, while two and three lines will set you back $120 and $150, respectively. Adding a fourth line is free and all extra lines (up to 10 total) are $30 each. As well as unlimited allowances across the board, Sprint will also offer 3GB of mobile hotspot access each month and unlimited 2G data in select countries as part of Sprint Global Roaming.

Pop to your local store for more details.

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Rich Edmonds