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Sprint now offering 10 lines with 12GB of shared data for $90 a month

Sprint is launching yet another price promotion, this time for its Family Share Plan. The limited time offer will give customers up to 10 lines of shared unlimited talk and text, along with 12GB of data, for $90 a month. The carrier says that the offer will end on March 12.

From Sprint:

Sprint is reducing the data access charge on the $90 Family Share Pack plan from $25 to $15 for handsets. For customers switching their number to Sprint from another carrier, Sprint is waiving the access charge for handsets, tablets and mobile broadband devices on 12GB or higher data allowances for up to 10 lines for one year. All devices must be purchased through Sprint Easy Pay or the Sprint iPhone for Life Plan. A family of four will save $720 in data access fees for the year.

The waving of the access charge, included as part of this promotion, will end on March 31, 2016 for those customers. In addition, Sprint says that customers from rival carriers that switch to Sprint, and activate a 12GB or higher Family Share Pack plan, will get an American Express Reward Card worth up to $350 per line to help with canceling their contracts.

Source: Sprint

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  • The difference, on T-mobile, it's just an everyday price.. With Sprint.. it's the 'cable' company tactic.. bait for 1 year, then switch to higher prices.. after that, guess what.. renegotiation time.. if you can... no thanks.. tired of that, no more for me. <--- Happy TMUS customer..
  • Too bad thats not actually the case with T-Mobile and that T-Mobile is trash. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Haha sprint sucks. Service sucks. Regardless of the amount of GB and the price. Service quality is TRASH! At&t all the way ! Sent from the iMore App
  • Poor Sprint. I just read they lost their third place standing to T-Mobile. But yeah, AT&T all the way!!!!!!!!!!!