Sprint to reduce monthly data access charge for some Family Share plans

Sprint will reduce the data access charge for its $80 and $90 Sprint Family Share plans to $15 a month beginning on Friday, November 14 in their latest attempt to undercut the pricing plans of its competitors.

Sprint claims that the data access reduction means that it offers more data for its customers than comparable plans at AT&T and Verizon for the same price or lower. It says that Verizon's $80 a month limited time promotion on its More Everything plan has a $15 data charge while AT&T's $70 Share Value Plan has a date charge of $25 per month.

However, this price cut does have a limit. Sprint will end this promotional pricing on January 15, 2015.

Source: Sprint

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  • Too late, already dumped Sprint (after ~14 years) for T-Mobile.
  • I just did the same.... after 14 years. Didn't go to T-mobile though. Went with AT&T. They have better coverage in my area.
  • Please Stop the Insanity!!!! Sprint instead of making your plans cheaper than other companies, try to get your service to actually work. This will make what you charge for service worth the money. I left them almost two years ago and their services still are no better. I have family that are still on Sprint and I see their frustration.
  • Agree. Lower plans with little to no network improvements aren't going to get sprint much. Tmo is soaring because they lowered prices and improved their network Sent from the iMore App
  • Well I still have Sprint and the service has gotten better. LTE in my area and good calling, your mileage my vary but it works better now than 2 years ago.
  • I think they're doing both. Pricing is basically flipping a switch, the service upgrades take *much* longer to roll out. Further, you won't hear from friends about it getting better as it's usually gradual. Short of turning on VoLTE or something, it takes a long time for their image to change even if their network were to change overnight. I use them as their pricing/network is good enough for me.
  • Network is not the best but will be. Eventually our unlimited everything $60 a month plan will go away because the network will be amazing. I think sprint is moving in the right direction but needs major improvements in customer service and network. Sent from the iMore App
  • What happened to Framily?
  • "Ummmm... The name is Gor-done...."
  • That was under Dan Hesse's leadership. Now that he's stepped down as CEO the new one got rid of that. Sent from the iMore App
  • So they will lower the price for 2 months and then raise it again. Talk about deceptive advertising!
  • I caught that too. What a joke!
  • Doesn't matter how much data you offer if your customers phones die while trying to find a signal, or if they go two months not being able to receive phone calls and customer service can't tell them why before an out of the blue update fixes everything......everyone who left sprint before me, be it two weeks or two decades, is smarter than I... Sent from the iMore App