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Sprint's Family Share Pack offers 10GB of shared data on four lines for $100 per month

Sprint has announced the introduction of new family plans, aiming particularly for T-Mobile and its plans. The Sprint Family Share Pack offers four lines with unlimited talk and text, with 10GB of shared high-speed data for $100 per month.

The carrier is also offering to quadruple Family Share Pack data for $20 more per month. This would give you unlimited talk and text, and 40GB of shared high-speed data for $120 per month.

For a limited time, Sprint will also help select customers pay off their current phone and wireless contract on rival carriers in order to get them to switch. Customers will need to use their American Express Reward Card after registering with Sprint online, and Sprint will only pay after you've turned in your current phone.

Source: Sprint

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  • What they don't tell you is that they don't include tethering in that, or any package, period.. It's like an Extra $20-40 per phone .. not such a good deal.
  • This is untrue - if you read the fine print which can be found at the bottom of the page here ( you can see that "Mobile Hotspot Usage pulls from your shared data". Tethering is included in these plans at no additional cost.
  • Then this is the first package they've done that. You go out to their current package offerings, they all require you to pay additional for tethering. I try every now and again.. and back off every time. Besides, it does not say adding tethering isn't extra, just that if you have it that it pulls from your shared data.. They could still charge to add tethering; which is what they do for their current shared plans when it comes getting tethering and then attach to the shared data pool.
  • Pretty sure tethering has always been included in their share plans since they released. The data from tethering would just come out of your data share pool. Have you actually signed up for these plans and used it? I'm not 100% on this but that is what I've been told frequently.
  • On my iPhone I had to pay 20 bucks for 2gb of hotspot on my iPhone. As far as a physical cord connection I'm not sure I've never tried it. I know when I had a Nextel device I could tether for 5 bucks per month a long while back. Sent from the iMore App