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Sprint's unlimited data plan getting a price hike to $70 per month on October 16

Sprint has announced that it will soon raise the cost of its unlimited data plan. Currently available for $60 per month, Sprint's plan for unlimited talk, text, and data will have its price raised to $70 per month for new customers on October 16.

Current customers, or those that sign up by October 15, will continue to pay $60 for the foreseeable future. Additionally, these customers will be able to activate a new phone and remain on the $60 plan as long as they continue to meet the plan requirements.

In order to qualify for the plan, you'll need to purchase your device upfront, or through a qualifying Sprint payment plan, such as iPhone Forever, Sprint Lease, or Sprint Easy Pay.

Source: Sprint

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  • Sucks it's going up specially how the network is but at $60 I find it pretty good as long as I stay in nyc or its surrounding area
  • 'Unlimited' and Sprint should not be in the same sentence. I have a 5G hotspot and I feel terribly limited. Wish my company would allow me to simply tether my AT&T plan. Once a quarter at most do I find that I have coverage on my Sprint device and nothing on my phone. I travel a lot and I find that Sprint is very very limited. Just one man's limited experience.
  • A 5G hotspot? Didn't know they existed yet.
  • Sounds like you should switch carriers if its so bad. As far as hotspots and tethering goes, no cell provider provides unlimited data to every single device that you are anyone near you uses. Unlimited is for your phone. That's pretty clear in the contract you signed.
  • Marcelo was quoted as saying that with more people streaming, their network can't sustain it (neither can their bank roll, apparently) so they want to transition to capped plans. It's an oxymoron if I ever heard one. The WORLD is moving into a more connected environment, and it's only going to grow exponentially. To see carriers backing down from data offerings is surprising. I remember a time when people barely used 500MB of data and everyone had unlimited, now we are more numerous and stream more and they cry to give up more than 2GB per line. Talk about taking a step back. I understand it's all a money game, but there has to be a balance in all of this. Carriers are becoming very profitable (Verizon takes in BILLIONS a year in profit, as does AT&T) but cry because they have to lose an extra $3.98 per subscriber to offer unlimited data. I would honestly go back to Verizon if they offered unlimited data, even if it means paying a bit more than I do now with T-Mobile. Oh well, it is what it is...
  • Glad I'm grandfathered in to a full "Framily" thing. $25 for Talk+Text + $20 for unlimited data. I get "Spark" in most areas, so it's pretty fast too.
  • Me too. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm on an old SERO $50 plan with unlimited data and a subsidy every 2 years. If they drop the subsidy I will switch to T-Mobile. Sprint is ok but they can't seem to get over the hump.