Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: What is an Echo Fighter?

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: What is an Echo Fighter?

Best Answer: An Echo Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are characters who are almost a complete clone of another, but they are actually entirely different characters from their respective game franchises. Therefore, these Echo Fighters do not fall under a Skin or Pallet Swap, and they also play slightly differently than the fighter that they are an echo of.Amazon: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ($60)

How many characters are in the game?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a huge roster of 74 characters (though Pokémon Trainer can count as three, making it 76). There are 69 unique fighters and seven official Echo Fighters. Piranha Plant is coming around February 2019, and five more DLC characters are coming, with Joker from Persona 5 being the first of that bunch.

So once all of the DLC is released, we will have 82 playable fighters, making this the largest roster for a Smash game to date.

So who are the Echo Fighters?

There are seven confirmed Echo Fighters. Their number is the number of the fighter that they're based on, but with an ε symbol next to it.

Here are the Echo Fighters available right now:

  • Dark Samus (4ε) - Samus' Echo Fighter
  • Daisy (13ε) - Peach's Echo Fighter
  • Lucina (21ε) - Marth's Echo Fighter
  • Chrom (25ε) - Roy's Echo Fighter
  • Dark Pit (28ε) - Pit's Echo Fighter
  • Ken (60ε) - Ryu's Echo Fighter
  • Richter Belmont (66ε) - Simon Belmont's Echo Fighter

Why isn't Dr. Mario an Echo Fighter?

While one may think that Dr. Mario is an Echo Fighter of Mario, he actually isn't. The reason for this is because he has moves that are completely different from Mario, therefore eliminating the possibility of being an Echo Fighter.

With the confirmed Echo Fighters, they all have the same movesets as their original fighter, but with slight variations and adjustments. If the character has an entirely different moveset, such as Dr. Mario, Young Link and Toon Link, then they are not considered to be Echo Fighters.

Why play as an Echo Fighter?

It all comes down to preference. While all of the characters in the game can be considered good if you know how to play them, perhaps you just don't care for how one of them can hit hard but moves slow. This applies to characters like Simon and Richter, whereas the Echo Fighter (Richter) moves a bit faster than the original.

Having the Echo Fighters gives players more options, and that's always welcome in a Smash game. If you don't like the original fighter, try giving their Echo Fighter a try—you may end up liking them!

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