Supposed iPhone 5 front panel compared with iPhone 4 display

We've seen lots of the rumored iPhone 5's body by now, and now the front cover has been acquired and squared up against the iPhone 4S. The new FaceTime camera position lines up just fine with what we were seeing on the chassis, and when put on top of an iPhone we're all familiar with, we get a good sense of just how much bigger the iPhone 5 will be. Other pictures highlight the position of the light sensor (to the right of the iSight camera, and the proximity sensor (to the right of the earpiece).

Of course, this is all pre-release, so subject to change (or just being a Chinese knock-off) but the more we see these parts bubble up and remain consistent, the more likely it is that they'll turn out to be legit. We've already talked a lot about the pros and cons of a 4-inch iPhone, but has your thinking changed at all after seeing the display size compared directly to your current iPhone? Is the long and thin look something you could get used to? How will this bigger screen impact battery life?

Source: Macotakara via MacRumors

Simon Sage

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