TabCo (Fusion Garage) announces Grid 10 (JooJoo2) and Grid 4 (JooJooPhone)

In what has to be one of the greatest keynotes of all time, replete with canned applause and canned questions, TabCo Fusion Garage announced the JooJoo2 Grid 10 tablet, and a Grid 4 smartphone.

They're built on an Android foundation but with their own proprietary GridOS layer on top of it, and are doing this, they say, because Android might not really be popular, it might just be the only alternative... for now. In other words, they're position Grid as the best user experience alternative to iPhone and iPad.

Seriously, they're such a confusing mix of endearing and obnoxious, I'm not sure whether to lampoon or laude them. They're an underdog you want to root for as it gets the $#!+ kicked out of it.

It's almost enough to make you want to line up for a JooJooPhone. If you could line up for one, that is.

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