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SnipSnap Coupon App for iPhone review: say goodbye to carrying stacks of coupons with you everywhere you go

Clipping and saving coupons is the most classic way of saving money, but in today's digital world, it feels rather archaic. SnipSnap for iPhone lets you say goodbye to physical coupons by taking photos of them to carry with you at all times and store clerks can scan the processed bar code right on your iPhone.

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Evernote: Best app to take and organize notes on your iPad

"Evernote is hands down the best way to take and organize notes on the iPad whether you're in class, in a meeting, or on the go. Pair that with the ability to use Evernote across any platform available and it simply can't be beat."

Taking notes on the iPad is a great way to save on the amount of physical paper you have floating around and a much easier way to stay organized. There's so many note taking apps in the App Store that choosing one can be a bigger task than anything. Syncing notes across all your devices and organizing them has never been easier when you use Evernote for iPad. If you prefer typing out your notes instead of using a handwritten notes app, Evernote is the best choice.

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Experience Instagram better than ever with Gramory for iPhone

The extremely popular social photo sharing service Instagram now has a very serious competitor to it's own app -- it's called Gramory. Gramory offers a superb way to browse through Instagram photos. One of the huge features that is not present in Instagram's official app is the ability to browse by trends.

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Fooducate review: Best food rating app for iPhone

If you're trying to change your eating habits and eat healthier with less additives and better ingredients, Fooducate contains a wealth of information and user reviews about many of the foods we consume on a daily basis.

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iMovie for iPad 2 hands-on

One of the new apps for iPad 2 is iMovie. It was originally released for the iPhone 4 this past June, but Apple recently updated it as a universal app for iPhone 4, iPad 2, and iPod touch 4. On the iPad 2, iMovie is fantastic.

The editing screen is set up similar to iMovie on the Mac and split into 3 different screens. On the bottom of the screen, you find the timeline for your movie, on the top left, you find available media, and video preview is located in the top right. The "My Projects" screen is beautifully designed to look like a vintage movie theater.

Editing movies is very easy on the iPad 2. You can preview clips by dragging your finger across them and trim the edges before adding them to your project. To move clips around in your timeline, simply drag it to where you want. If you want to split a clip, position the curser, select the clip, and swipe down along the curser. You can also easily record audio and video directly into the timeline.

iMovie is stocked with 8 different themes, each of which comes with its own title screen format, transitions, and theme music. It also comes with a plethora of sound effects to add to your movies. Sadly the new Trailer templates from iMovie '11 on Mac didn't make it into the iPad version but hopefully we'll see those in an update.

Sharing your movies is a breeze and iMovie is equipped the the ability to send directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN iReport. Just tap the familiar sharing arrow from the projects screen and make your selection.

I am very impressed with how well iMovie runs on the iPad 2. It responds well and performs tasks quickly. iMovie on the iPad may well become my primary video editing software - yes, I will chose it over iMovie '11 on my Mac.

To check out the movie I created in the video above, follow along after the break!

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Cut the Rope for iPhone - app review

Cut the Rope for iPhone is a simple, yet challenging strategy type game.  Your little frog Om Nom wants candy.  The candy is hanging from random ropes with all kinds of obstacles in the way.  Your job is to find a way to cut the strings in the right order to get the candy into Om Nom's mouth.  You'll also need to collect stars on the way down.  The more stars you collect and the quicker you complete a level, the more points and achievements you'll earn.

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iDygest for iPhone - app review

iDygest is just what it sounds like -- an app that will congregate all feeds Apple into one sleek timeline for you to browse through.  I know I have quite a few iRelated websites that I browse through everyday, I've even got an Apple group in Google Reader that syncs with my RSS app on my phone.  But lately I've found myself opening up iDygest if I just want to see a quick highlight of what's been going on the world of all things Apple.

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Clearcam for iPhone - app review

Clearcam for iPhone is an app that compliments the already existing camera app. Instead of tapping camera, you take your pictures through Clearcam. I found myself using this app when I wanted clearer pictures or when I was in an area that pictures came out either blurry or dark. The concept is quite simple, it'll take several shots of the same thing and either overlays the shots or chooses the best one (depending on what setting you choose).  The app claims to up quality of the camera from 5MP images to around 11MP images.

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Chain Link Pro for iPhone - App Review

Chain Link is based on the concept of creating as many links as you can and dragging them into the vortex in the middle of the screen without disturbing any other types of links.  The game starts off fairly easy and gets harder pretty quick.  There's also support for OpenFeint to share your scores with your friends and other Chain Link users.  I found the game pretty addicting after a while.  Hit the jump for more screens and a walkthrough.

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Camera+ for iPhone - app review

Camera+ for iPhone is a photography application that allows you to take photos and edit them. tap tap tap claims Camera+ is "all about one thing - GREAT PHOTOS!" How does Camera+ hold up to this expectation? Follow along to find out.

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