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Apple posts job listings for Maps Ground Truth managers

Apple is increasing its efforts to improve Maps around the world, having recently posted open positions for Maps Ground Truth managers in seven countries. Previously, Apple had only been hiring for these positions in Australia.

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Apple job posting could hint at increased language support for Siri

Apple is currently looking for a few good people fluent in Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Korean, Norwegian, and Swedish to join the Siri team. Now, Siri is not compatible with a few of the languages on that list, including Swedish, Finnish, and Arabic, so it could well be that this is a sign of language support to come.

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UI concept designer Jan-Michael Cart to intern at Apple

Jan-Michael Cart, noted for his iOS user interface concept videos, is heading off to work at Apple.

And like that, my time has come — I am now a member of the Apple community. I will still update my website with random small portfolio additions. I will also open up the blog portion of my website to document my day-to-day happenings in Cupertino. Stay tuned!

Several of Cart's UI videos focused on notification handling, making him the latest in a series of notification-centric designers brought in by Apple, including ??, known as the father of webOS notifications, to Peter Haas, who developed the Jailbreak MobileNotifier package.

Curiouser and curiouser. Check out a few of Cart's videos, below.

Source: Jan-Michael Cart via

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Apple hiring more Siri engineers, working to expand API and features

Apple has posted a couple of job postings for iOS software engineers, and they describe work needed on UI elements for Siri, along with additional language support and a new API that could indicate Apple may be opening up the feature to 3rd party app developers.

This is a broad-ranging task - we take every application that Siri interacts with, distill it down to fundamentals, and implement that application's UI in a theme fitting with Siri. Consider it an entire miniature OS within the OS, and you get a good idea of the scope!

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Apple has an Apple TV apps engineer

Apple has an Apple TV apps engineer, if LinkedIn is to be believed. What that means exactly is unknown -- maybe they simply engineered the built-in Netflix and YouTube apps -- but as MacRumors points out:

the internal view that the Apple TV is simply a collection of apps seems to be in line with future third-party expansion.

Since Apple TV (2010) is running iOS, it's probably not a question of whether or not it can run 3rd party apps, but whether or not Apple will open it up to running them.

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Apple now hiring: iPhone and iPad antenna engineers

Apple has three job listings for iPhone and iPad antenna engineers, all posted June 23, just following the launch of iPhone 4. Their missions:

Define and implement antenna system architecture to optimize the radiation performance for wireless portable devices.

Whether the timing is coincidental, crucial, or just comedic given the antenna reception issues many users have faced when holding iPhone 4 on the lower left side... we'll leave for you decide.

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Apple Jobs: Music Lost to Thumbplay , Security Gained from Mozilla/Microsoft, Mobile Advertising Wants SDK Manager, iBooks Store Wants Canada and Australia

Lots of movement on the Apple jobs (as in employment, not Steve) front lately, so here's a look at the recent loss of a music exec to Thumbplay, the gain of a security chief from Mozilla (and before that Microsoft), and they're hiring a Mobile Advertising team and an iBooks Store lead for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Apple Hiring Video Game Artist for iPhone Gaming Group!

Apple's job listings just got interesting again, with positions open for a Video Game Artist and a Software Engineer for the iPhone Gaming Group. That's right, "iPhone Gaming Group". It looks like that Game/Media Software Engineer position from last month wasn't a one off, and Apple is finally, seriously, getting into the game... game. (Sorry, but you saw that coming!)

For the artist:

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Job Listing Shows Apple Wants to iPhone Maps App "to the Next Level"

A new job listing shows Apple is looking for an iPhone Software Engineer to work on the Map and MapKit framework team, which is also responsible for the Compass app and other location-based services on the iPhone and iPod touch:

The iPhone has revolutionized the mobile industry and has changed people's lives and we want to continue to do so. We want to take Maps to the next level, rethink how users use Maps and change the way people find things. We want to do this in a seamless, highly interactive and enjoyable way. We've only just started.

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Apple Hiring Gaming Engineer for iPhone Team

Apple is looking to hire an experienced multimedia engineer for the iPhone and iPod touch, who's a passionate gamer and has shipped at least one "AAA" game in the last few years.

While first-party titles are a mainstay, and main point of attraction for dedicated gaming platforms like Nintendo (Mario), Microsoft (Halo), and Sony (Little Big Planet), so far all Apple has offered its "funnest iPod ever" is Texas Hold'em back in 2007.

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