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Friday Fun Video: BlackBerry Takes a Non-Subtle Shot at Apple

Wow, the Storm launching to a buggy, bashed start must really have bothered the marketing drones at RIM, especially when the iPhone 3G outsold in its second quarter outsold the Storm in its debut by almost 2 to 1... How else can we explain this cute little "shot" just taken at Apple?

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BlackBerry Bonus: TiPb vs. Storm Hands-On

A friend of mine works as a rep for a carrier and so, in the middle of my BlackBerry Round in the Robin, we made a deal: she would let me test drive the Storm and I would let her try out both the iPhone 3G and the BlackBerry Bold (don't tell Kevin!)

Sidebar: She is an avid BlackBerry Pearl user who, disappointed with the lack of current Qwerty hotness on the CDMA side, was very impressed with the Bold. She is also an avowed iPhone hater. Or rather she was. While I don't think Apple's little touchscreen wonder won her over, she was amazed at the apps, especially things like Google Earth. The Storm... suffice it to say she wasn't a fan.

Okay, fine, what was my take? Read on...

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! Podcast #4

Holiday gift guide, iPhone 3G vs. BlackBerry Storm with special guest and public frenemy number one,'s Kevin Michaluk, and live chat question and answer!

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Apple Passes BlackBerry in Sales Share - BlackBerry Passes Apple in Nut Share?!

David Pogue blogs a follow up to his scathing review of the BlackBerry Storm, and notes:

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! Podcast #3

iPhone OS 2.2 features and fails, including Google Maps and Podcast downloads, BlackBerry Storm watch, the Case-Mast Naked Case, and live chat question and answer. Listen in!

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Today on the Forums: 8GB or 16GB?, iPhone 3G Your Only Device?, BlackBerry Storm Hype

Today on the forums be sure to help burgman make a decision, 8GB iPhone or 16GB iPhone? My take on that is the more the merrier. With my first iPhone I made the mistake of going with the 8GB only to find out that I wanted more! Chime in on that thread and help a fellow member out!

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Blackberry Storm vs. iPhone 3G Video! has posted up a video showing the new Blackberry Storm vs. the iPhone 3G. Needless to say, we fully expect a torrent of this stuff to come our way soon, as Kevin shows off RIM's new hawtness (and competes with Android Central for our killer-du-jour attention, no doubt...)

How does it look? As elegant as the iPhone? Does Jonathan Ive have anything to worry about?

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Phone Different Podcast Episode 28

This week: Apps, Flash, Unlocking, iPhone 2.2, and the iClones. Tune in!

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Dueling Documents: AT&T Hatin' the Storm, RIM Hatin' the iPhone

If you head on over to you will notice a "few" articles relating to the BlackBerry Storm on Verizon. Honestly, it is no surprise since this is supposed to be RIM's answer to the iPhone.

A few months back Casey reported on a AT&T store handing out anti-iPhone propaganda to it's customers... Now AT&T themselves are taking shots at the BlackBerry Storm. And is it really a surprise seeing how Verizon is pushing this device as it's iPhone killer?

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