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CrackBerry Kevin reviews the Typo Keyboard for iPhone at #CESlive

CrackBerry's fearless leader Kevin Michaluk loves a good keyboard on his smartphone, so who better to review the much talked about Typo Keyboard for iPhone. It's gaining a lot of attention – for better or for worse – with backing from Ryan Seacrest, and potential BlackBerry instigated lawsuits. But, whether it's a total ripoff or not (though it really looks like it is!) is it actually any good at what it sets out to do?

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Typo at #CESlive: The hardware iPhone keyboard maker talks typing and BlackBerry lawsuit

It's #CESlive and we're talking to Laurence Hallier, CEO of Typo. That's the Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone that American Idol's Ryan Seacrest is giving two big thumbs-up — and on! — to. It attaches to the bottom and makes it look like a classic portrait-style QWERTY keyboard device. What inspired it, and what's going to happen now that BlackBerry is threatening to sue? That's just exactly what we asked!

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Typo iPhone keyboard maker says BlackBerry lawsuit 'lacks merit'

Typo, the Ryan Seacrest-backed business responsible for developing the Typo Keyboard attachment designed to work with the iPhone, has responded to a recently-filed lawsuit by BlackBerry, the beleaguered Canadian smartphone manufacturer.

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What the BlackBerry CEO really said about bringing the 'BlackBerry experience' to iOS

Today was earnings day for BlackBerry, and while we're not going to go into the nitty gritty – hit up our buddies over at CrackBerry for that – CEO John Chen mentioned iOS and Android, the 'BlackBerry experience' and then ears pricked up. First up though was the news of 40 million iOS and Android combined BBM users, and then came this, courtesy of Phil Nickinson over at Android Central:

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BlackBerry shows off BBM Voice, Channels for iOS, forgets to tell us when they're coming

While BlackBerry may have finally gone cross-platform with BBM, the iOS and Android releases were missing some of the big features such as voice and channels. Both will be arriving at some point in the future, and BlackBerry has put together a short video clip showing them off for the first time. Without saying anything about when the features will be coming.

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Obama says he can't use an iPhone because of security

US President Barack Obama told a group of young people at the White House that he can't use an Apple iPhone for security reasons, according to a recent Associated Press report (as published by SecurityWeek).

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BBM adds 20 million new users since going cross-platform

No matter how many claims of "no-one cares" we might hear, there are clearly tons of people who do care about BBM. BlackBerry has today provided some figures for the first proper week of cross-platform life for their messaging platform and it looks like good news all round. BBM now has 80 million active users, having gained 20 million since launching on Android and iOS. And those are some good numbers.

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BBM for iPhone line ups over, fast access now for everyone

When BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone debuted there was a waiting list to gain access. That's always a good way to mitigate against massive server loads, but not a great way to satisfy everyone who wants on now, now, now. Well, looks like the waiting list is a thing of the past, and millions of downloads later, the gates are wide open for anyone and everyone who wants in.

If you haven't tried BBM for iPhone yet, now's your chance. If you have, let me know what you think.

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Tired of waiting in the BBM for iOS line? Turns out there's a proxy-based skip for that!

After a failed attempt last month at rolling out BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS and Android, BlackBerry is giving the rollout another try. However, anybody who did not sign up previously is stuck waiting for their turn as BlackBerry slowly rolls out BBM to new users... unless you know how to skip the line.

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BlackBerry CMO expecting BBM for iPhone to launch 'within days'

After the first launch of BBM on iPhone suffered massive issues and was eventually halted, we've been left wondering when, if at all, we may see the messaging service again. According to a report on Reuters, BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben expects a launch 'within days.'

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