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This is big: Apple Pay coming to China in early 2016!

Apple Pay, Apple's easy-to-use mobile payment system for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, is coming to China in 2016 in cooperation with China UnionPay.

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Apple, UnionPay reportedly reach agreement to bring Apple Pay to China

Apple has reportedly reached an agreement with payment network UnionPay to bring Apple Pay to China, which could happen as soon as next year.

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Apple steps up green energy efforts in China with new supplier programs

Apple has announced today that it is stepping up its green energy efforts in China, beginning with a number of efforts with its suppliers.

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Tim Cook joins council of CEOs tackling environmental issues in China

Apple CEO Tim Cook is joining the CEO Council for Sustainable Urbanization, a group sponsored by the Paulson Institute and the China Center for International Economic Exchanges with the express purpose of tackling environmental sustainability in China.

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Apple reportedly preparing for Apple Pay rollout in China

Apple is said to be preparing for a rollout of Apple Pay in China, having reportedly registered a new company specifically to operate the service in that country.

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Tim Cook says Apple is experiencing strong growth in China amid concerns

Apple CEO Tim Cook has responded to concerns over the company's growth in China, saying that they have experienced accelerated iPhone activations in China in July and August, along with improved performance in the App Store.

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Police raid counterfeit iPhone factory in China, closing down $19 million operation

Chinese Police in Beijing have raided a factory that produced more than 40,000 fake iPhones, closing down a counterfeit operation worth as much as 120 million yuan ($19 million). A total of nine people have been arrested, including a married pair who led the operation. The factory was masked as a gadget repair shop, located just outside China's capital.

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Tim Cook talks China's influence on product design in new interview

China plays an increasingly important part in Apple's business decisions, including in some product design elements, according to a new interview with Tim Cook.

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EE lights up 4G LTE roaming in China

UK mobile operator EE has become the first British network to offer 4G LTE roaming coverage in mainland China.

The carrier's list of 4G roaming countries has not yet been updated to reflect the change, however we've been seeing solid LTE coverage through China Unicom on our EE SIMs in the Beijing area in recent days. Unicom operates FDD-LTE — the flavor of 4G used by most Western networks — on Band 3, which also happens to be EE's main LTE band at home. Its main rivals, China Mobile and China Telecom, only use TDD-LTE frequencies — these are incompatible with most European phones besides the iPhone 6. So naturally, the Unicom pair-up makes most sense for a Euro network like EE.

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Tim Cook 'very bullish' on bringing Apple Pay to China, talks with Alibaba and UnionPay underway

Tim Cook, who is currently in China to promote Apple's environmental initiatives in the country, shared details on plans to launch Apple Pay in the region.

Apple is currently negotiating with banks like UnionPay in the country as well as Alibaba, the largest e-commerce portal in China.

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