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iMore show 326: Because Apple hates you

Rene Ritchie is joined by Mobile Nations chief media officer, and founder, Kevin Michaluk to talk iPhone 5 in a world where, following the launch of BlackBerry 10 in two months, Apple will have the oldest platform in mobile. This is the iMore show.

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CrackBerry Kevin single-handedly makes Google Play profitable

Not content to merely put BlackBerry App World in the black by buying $500 clock apps, found and Mobile Nations chief-of-chiefs Kevin Michaluk has now turned his attention to Google Play... and bought a $200 vuvuzela app.

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RIM gets a new CEO, and he calls goes to... CrackBerry Kevin

It's actually happened -- after bringing BlackBerry from pager to the top of the smartphone world only to see the iPhone and Android all but demolish their share, RIM today announced founders and co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie would be stepping down, and current operations head Thorsten Heins would be taking over as the new, unified CEO.

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CrackBerry Kevin and the $500 clock app misadventure

While we often complain about Apple's over-curation of the App Store, here's a cautionary tale about what happens when a $500 BlackBerry App World "app" meets a founder left alone in Vegas with adult supervision.

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Updated: RIM responds to Apple over antennagate

Co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie have released an official response from RIM to Apple's iPhone 4 press conference yesterday and Steve Jobs' demonstration of a BlackBerry Bold 9700 suffering from similar signal-drop when death-gripped:

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TiPb Responds to iPhone Reviews -- Smartphone Round Robin

Over the last 5 weeks of the 3rd Annual Smartphone Round Robin, the editors of our sibling sites, Casey from, Kevin from, Matt from, Dieter from, and Phil from have all had their chance to review TiPb's flagship iPhone 3GS. And we've just had to sit here and take it, the good and the bad, the raves and the rants. Well, it's week 6 now, baby, and TiPb gets to retort!

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iPhone Review from CrackBerry Kevin -- Smartphone Round Robin

Apple's third iPhone meets CrackBerry Kevin's third iPhone review, exclusively in the 2009 Smartphone Round Robin. Year one he called it the iSmudge. Then they got the Storm. Year two he called it the Ah *** phone. Then they got the Storm. (Joking. Not.) What's he calling the iPhone and iPhone users this year?

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Comic vs. Comic: BlackBerry SKREEEEEEdition!

Yesterday CrackBerry Kevin had a little funny at TiPb's expense with their "Confessions" post of a Ruby Park strip. Fine. Two can play at that game. Above, via PvPonline, is the new official response to anyone bringing a BlackBerry into a "just works" place. B'okay?

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UPDATED! Pre-Verts? Pre-Jects? Or Just Pre-Mature? TiPb and Want to Know!

I wasn't at CES with CrackBerry Kevin and Smartphone Expert Dieter. I was at Macworld getting, you know, iPhone news. But even TiPb couldn't ignore the Pre and it's former-iPod/iPhone team designed goodness. So tempting is the Pre, in face, that we suspect iPhone and BlackBerry loyalists alike might stray from the fold to at least try it out come launch day (whenever that is). So, the question becomes, what to call them roving polygadetists? What matches up with CrackBerry or the Jesus Phone?

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U2 Ditches Apple for Dell... er... Palm... er... RIM?

We can just feel's Kevin preening over news: Biggest. Jump. Since. Mayer.

Yep, U2 has left the warm embrace of Apple (though Product Red iPods no doubt remain) for the harsh corporate sponsorship of RIM. Of course, they flirted briefly with Dell first, and Bono's Elevation Partners are huge backers of Palm -- though according to they likely needed to spend their cash on far more serious things, like bringing the Pre to market... Still:

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