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All Gets For it's 3rd Birthday is... a BlackBerry Slider?! -- The Competition celebrates its 3rd birthday this week... and all they get is a BlackBerry Slider?!

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The Competition: BlackBerry Strikes Back-ish at DevCon 2009

Hot on the heels of Verizon pretty much burying the Storm2 in favor of their latest lust, the Droid, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion used their annual developer conference to announce a few improvements for the platform. No, not word one about a next generation BlackBerry OS (hey, Palm spent their time in the desert to get to webOS, and Microsoft is still trudging towards Windows Mobile 7, so RIM needs to pick up that canteen and get to stepping!).

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Cracky Birthday to You! CrackBerry.Com Turns Two!

It's with the utmost respect and joy that we get to wish our sibling site, and public frenemies number one over at, a wonderful, wacky, cracky second birthday. From 7000 word reviews, to net-breaking first looks at the latest/greatest devices, to forums so big they now scare small nations, CrackBerry Kevin and his team have put together something special -- a real community.

Congrats everyone. For today and today only, in honor of your turning two, we'll say it loud -- we're Cracky and Proud!

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Monday Humor: iPhone Attacked! Cartoon Short

Our public frenemy number one, Kevin from rubbed his nefarious hands, squealed in sinister glee, and shot off this link to a video showing all the jealous, outdated smartphones ganging up on our elegant, perfectly balanced iPhone for a little cartoon chaos. (Also: someone dubbed -- poorly -- some kind of Brooklyn accent on our iPhone hero: everyone knows he really speaks like a chorus of Steve Jobs).

The language is NOT appropriate for children, so stay away if you're not old enough to play.

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TiPb Invades the Podcast!

Our best frenemy forever, CrackBerry Kevin Michaluk was gracious enough to join us on TiPb's iPhone Live! podcast a while back to talk BlackBerry Storm, so this week I returned the "favor" by invading the Podcast to talk all things iPhone (and some Palm Pre):

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! Podcast #4

Holiday gift guide, iPhone 3G vs. BlackBerry Storm with special guest and public frenemy number one,'s Kevin Michaluk, and live chat question and answer!

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Attack of the iClones: Blackberry ThunderStorm Clicktastic Edition!

The. Whole. Screen. Is. A. Flipping. Tic. Tac. Tile. Button.

Seriously. We kid you not (though RIM could be kidding us all?). Sister-site has all the deets, but...

Seriously? Who's the usability wizard who came up with this one? Who came up with the single-click point of failure concept? The one mechanism to break it all?

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In the Forums: Why iPhone Replaced My Crackberry

Have you checked out our forums lately? The community is growing and the commentary is getting better and better each day. Unconvinced? I'll bring out a thread, a post, a topic, or a comment directly from the forums and post it on TiPb's front page every week to prove it to you. We here at TiPb love the interplay, quid pro quo, repartee with our readers, so step up your creativity and tighten up your diction, you could be next!

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