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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Apple Find my Friends: Which faux stitched leather do you hate the least?

Design trends come and go but faux stitched leather is eternal. Witness: just as Apple has bid a not-so-fond farewell to the rich textures of Calendar and Find my Friends, Samsung has embraced new Corinthian comforts for the Galaxy Note 3. The former, software wiped clean in the name of digital authenticity trends towards the future, the latter, hardware meant to evoke the premium feel-ish-ness of BlackBerry Bolds and supply store notebooks past. Does one still work where the other has faltered? Should both be buried, the earth above them salted? Should both still be rocked, shame never being a good thing to have?

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Head of Android design comments on Google violating the iOS interface guidelines

Matias Duarte is a hell of a designer. He helped create webOS and then brought Android into the consistent, coherent 21st century. So, when he shares his thoughts on Google failing to use standard iOS icons in their iOS apps, it's worth a read. From Google+:

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Imagining iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C: Casing, display, and design

When it comes to the iPhone, Apple has gotten into a pattern of tick-tock hardware releases. One year they unveil bold new designs and manufacturing processes, the next year they improve the chips, cameras, radios, and other components inside it. If Apple sticks to that pattern, we're in a tock year and that means the general design of the iPhone 5s should be pretty much the same as last year's iPhone 5... though with a potential twist. iMore already told you about the gold iPhone 5s - and there's also likely to be the equal but opposite iPhone 5c this year as well. "Equal but opposite" in that iPhone 5c might save all its changes for the outside. So what does that mean?

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Anatomy of an iOS 7 icon redesign

iOS 7 is coming this fall - perhaps as soon as mid-September - and in terms of design language and user experience, it'll hit like something shot out of a mass driver. Not only will customers have to transition to a newly objectified, gamified, and dynamic interface, developers and designers will have create matching, perhaps transcending apps to go along with it. How much work will that be? Well, the incredibly talented and generous team over at the Iconfactory have shared their journey in updating xScope mirror for iOS 7:

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A plea for iOS 7 status bar sanity

There's not a pixel on the screen that iOS 7 won't be changing come this fall, including the status and menu bars that have lived on top of iPhones and iPads for years. Dave Wiskus, designer of Vesper, has weighed in on that specific change, and what the repercussions might be. From Better Elevation:

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A plea for human rather than digital authenticity

With iOS 7 Apple famously - and loudly - removed the rich textures of icons and interfaces past and went with the current trend of flatter, more solid, and more type-centric design. Yet with OS X on the Mac, and the just-releaed Logic Pro X, they not only kept a lot of rich design, they embraced all sorts of virtual knobs, switches, and panels. So what's a sane trend follower to do? David Barnard has some ideas:

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Soulver-ing for design

Marc Edwards of Bjango and, of course, Iterate continues to share some of the most interesting articles on design process on the web. Today's case in point, using Soulver to help figure out grids, guides, and gutters for app layouts. From the Bjango blog:

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Marc Edwards' app design workflow

Don't know how I missed this. Marc Edwards, my co-host on Iterate is not only one of the best designers on the planet, but one of the most generous, and on top of all the articles and scripts he's already shared, he's now gone and posted his entire app design workflow on

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Apple credited with 2 of the best 12 designs of the last 100 years. Can you guess which ones?

What are the 12 best designs from the last 100 years? The question is impossible to answer. That doesn't mean people and publications won't try, however. As part of World Industrial Design Day, CNN asked some of the world's greatest designers and asked them to name what they felt were the most iconic industrial designs of the last century. Apple landed on the list, and not once but twice...

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Iterate 49: iOS 7 design special (Part 2)


Chris Clark, Brad Ellis, Louie Mantia, Neven Mrgan, Rene Ritchie discuss iOS 7 and the new design language Apple unveiled for it at WWDC 2013, including icons, fonts, physics, interactions, and more. (Part 2 of a 2 part special edition.)

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