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Iterate 48: iOS 7 design special (Part 1)

Loren Brichter, Sebastiaan de With, Marc Edwards, Rene Ritchie, and Dave Wiskus discuss iOS 7 and the new design language Apple unveiled for it at WWDC 2013, including icons, fonts, physics, interactions, and more. (Part 1 of a 2 part special edition.)

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Flattened, not stirred: Designing Vesper

Dave Wiskus has posted a in-depth look at the design process behind Vesper, the list-taking, note-making, tag-shaking project he's just launched with Brent Simmons and John Gruber. Here's the lede from the Vesper blog

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iOS 7 and a second coat of paint

Parts of iOS 7 shown off by Apple during the WWDC Keynote and on look like we're still seeing the design briefs or wireframes rather than the final assets. Palettes have been chosen, elements have been put in place, but so far it looks like iOS 7 hasn't been given the level of polish we've come to expect from Apple, even during the beta stage. From icons to interface elements to typography, we seem to be getting a very rare glimpse at a very early work-in-progress, and something that still needs of a second coat of design paint.

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Samsung design video: High on lifestyle companionship, low on rationale for cheap plastics

Apple typically accompanies the announcement of a new iPhone 5 with a video showcasing their design and manufacturing processes. Samsung has now done something similar for their just-released Galaxy S4. So how do the two videos compare, and what, if anything, do they tell us about the respective companies and phones?

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Forget iOS 7, it's Hollywood Super suits that need a texture intervention

While many people are no doubt ecstatic that newly appointed head of all human interface at Apple, Jon Ive, is reportedly walking through iOS 7 with a sandblaster, stripping out overly heavy skins and skeuomorphic design elements, one look at the newly released Man of Steel publicity photo above makes me think it's really Hollywood that needs its texture fetish dialed way back.

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Jony Ive reportedly working on iOS 7 at Apple. Or, you know, doing his job...

Late last year Tim Cook reorganized Apple's leadership, placing Jony Ive in charge of not only hardware design, but all design across the company. This, of course, included iOS 7 and future versions of all of Apple's software products as well. Today, the Wall Street Journal's Jessica E. Lessin reports that Ive is, in fact, doing just that.

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Loren Brichter's influence on mobile app design

Loren Brichter got his start working on the original iPhone at Apple, then created and ultimately sold Tweetie to Twitter, and is now responsible for the phenomenal word game, Letterpress. Jessica E. Lessin has profiled Brichter, and elaborated on his influence on mobile interface design in the Wall Street Journal:

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Purported iPad 5 case again points to iPad mini-like design

A photograph of a purported iPad 5 case has appeared, and it again points to a redesigned in the form of the iPad mini. The case was obtained by 9to5Mac, apparently from it's manufacturer, Minisuit. Back in January, iMore created a rendering based on what we'd learned about the iPad 5 and its iPad mini-like design, and shortly thereafter some unverified pictures emerged of a supposed iPad 5 back plate bearing a very similar design. Just over a week ago, iMore created another rendering based on more information about the iPad 5.

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Defining skeuomorphism and why the debate matters

I love it when great debates spark great opinion pieces -- I already know what I think, I want to find out what everyone else thinks! -- and when great designers like Louie Mantia and Dave Wiskus put font to screen to express their views on important topics like trends in iOS app design, I'm going to pay attention.

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Iterate 40: The future of iOS design

Louie Mantia, Dave Wiskus, Marc Edwards, Seth Clifford, and Rene Ritchie talk about the future of iOS design, from heavily textured themes and skeuomorphs to minimalism and digital authenticity, and the evolution of typography, icons, and more.


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