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Imagining an all-aluminium themed iOS 7

Skeuomorphism -- the use of real world design in a digital context -- has been a target lately. It's also been lumped together with heavy design, elaborate themes, or highly textured skins, to the point of being completely misunderstood. At the extreme, this "skeuomorphic" melange has been held up as an example of iOS being boring, outdated, and bereft of innovation. In more reasonably terms, it's looked at as something that can be useful, but has perhaps been overused.

Personally I think there are far more important things Apple needs to do in iOS 7 than wiping the world clean of textures, gradients, and curves, both, but the argument persists so it's worthwhile giving it some form. but let's imagine for a moment it is on the agenda. That Apple's new head of all design, hardware and software, Jony Ive, was set to impose a new, unified, Aluminium theme. That, just like the Scarlet Witch in House of M, he whispered "No more themes."

Instead of arguing in the abstract about how much better or worse it would be, let's mock it up and see what could that look like...

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Archos moves into iPad accessories with the Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard

Archos is very well known for its tablets and was one of the first to hit the market with a dedicated personal media player. Now after years of average success with its own products, it is branching out by making accessories for other devices. First out of the gate is the Archos Design Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad.

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The importance of app icons

Renowned icon and app designer Louis Mantia -- who's been a guest on our design show, Iterate, not once but twice -- has shared his thoughts on app icons and their importance in an article on

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Apple home pages through the ages

Over the last 15 years, Apple launched a website, found their footing, and then refined their internet brand slowly but surely. Charlie Hoehn compiled the history of the home page into a slide show and posted it on his site,

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Are flat interfaces a trend towards digital authenticity, or a reality of competing platforms?

A lot has been said recently about "skeuomorphism" -- both real skeuomorphism and the design-heavy skins for which it's often confused. There's even been a trend, real and perceived, towards flatter, squarer, more "digitally" authentic operating systems, themes, and apps, often credited to Microsoft's Windows Phone or Google's more recent Android design aesthetic. But is it a backlash against gradients and curves and shadows, or is it something else? Marc Edwards of Bjango argues it might just be something else -- the realities faced by competing hardware.

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Apple shares detailed design drawings of iPad mini and 4th generation iPad

Apple has once again decided to make public some highly detailed design drawings this time of the just announced iPad mini and 4th generation iPad. This isn't the first time that Apple has publicly released this type of information; we saw similar dimensioned drawings publicly released for the iPhone 5 too.

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Cingleton deux: Day two

The second day of the second annual Cingleton Symposium -- Ç deux -- was all about the presentations. With Guy English serving as master of ceremonies, a series of all-star developers, designers, media, took turns on the stage.

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iOS 7 wants: Album art centered on Lock screen

Album art has never been perfectly centered on the iPhone or iPod touch Lock screens. It's been placed immediately on top of the slide-to-unlock bar. Because of the 3:2 aspect ratio of previous iPhone and iPod touch devices, however, and because the top of the album art and the reflection beneath it peak through the translucent time and slide-to-unlock bars, the visual weighting was close enough to appear centered and thus, balanced. Not so with the iPhone 5 and its 16:9 aspect ratio. Now the bottom alignment of album art lookes decidedly bottom heavy. Worse, there's a big black gap between the top of the album art and the bottom of the time bar.

The advantage of bottom aligning album artwork on the 16:9 display is that none of it is obscured by the name of the song, and even when you double-click the Home button to bring up the music controls, very little is obscured. The disadvantage is, in design parlance, "Oh god, my eyes, my eyes..."

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Apple named best brand and best design studio by D&AD, flies complete design team to England to receive awards

Apple has been awarded the best brand and best design studio award at the D&AD (British Design & Art Direction) awards which were held in London, England. The D&AD awards are held every year and are recognised throughout the world as they set a standard for creative excellence. Apple obvioulsy agreed with the importance of the occasion as it flew its complete design team to the awards ceremony. All sixteen members involved including Sir Jonathan Ive were present and went up to collect the best design studio award together.

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iPhone 5 fully dimensioned design drawing available for all to see

If you are a case maker then Apple usually provides you with a detailed design drawing of its iPhone models. This time however the link to the design drawing has been made available to all and it reveals some interesting information on the iPhone 5 design. We don’t know if this is intentional by Apple or if it is in error but it’s interesting none the less. Not only do they reveal all of the exact dimensions for the iPhone 5 but they provide detailed information on how to build a case for it too.

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