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Good design is inevitable. It's determined. It's relentless. Each iteration builds on the one before, becoming better and better each time. The work of Jonathan Ive, Apple Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, is a near-perfect example of this. So is the iPhone 5.

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Microsoft unveils new logo, signals the future by clinging even more tightly to the past

Microsoft's new corporate logo has updated their corporate logo for the first time in 25 years and... it looks more like a Windows logo than a Microsoft logo. As a Windows logo, it would be brilliant. Clean, square, solid, and Microsoft's new logotype, Segoe, is really nice. It's so nice, it could easily stand alone without the Windows logo next to it. And they really should have let it.

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Apple’s goal is not to make money but to make good products according to Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Ive believes that Apple’s goal is not to make money but to make good products. Ive, who is Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, was speaking at the British Embassy's Creative Summit. According to Wired UK., Ive said:

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Apple alerts developers to new catalog reports, iTunes Connect Mobile 2.0, and 1024x1024 icon requirements

Apple has sent an e-mail to developers informing them that new submissions will require icons that are 1024 x 1024 pixels starting in July. This is a sharp increase from the current minimum of 512 x 512, though apple has been recommending 1024 x 1024 for awhile now.

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Jonathan Ive says Apple's designs are inevitable, and his best and most important is yet to come

Jonathan Ive, known as Jony, is Apple's Senior Vice President of Design and the man responsible for turning Steve Jobs' iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad into real, physical objects with just exactly the right feel, in perfectly the right color.

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Apple files to ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in U.S.

Late last week Apple filed a preliminary injunction against Samsung's flagship tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The move comes shortly after an appeal which partially confirmed that Apple's design patent infringement complaint was valid. This might put just a slight damper on the settlement talks Apple and Samsung had scheduled for today. Apple proposed to give Samsung until May 25 (this Friday) to respond.

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iOS app designer guide to working with developers [Infographic]

A Lithuanian developer, LemonLabs, has recently published a nice infographic detailing a few simple ways in which developers can prepare their assets for developers in a useful and sensible way.

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One More Thing Conference hits Melbourne, Australia on May 25–26

One More Thing is conference all about how to make brilliant iOS software and, more importantly, how to make a living doing it! Last year some of the best and the brightest of Australia's iOS developer community took the stage, including our Iterate co-host, Marc Edwards of Bjango. This year they're pulling in some international all-stars including Loren Brichter (Tweetie/ex-Twitter), Neven Mrgan (Panic), Karl von Randow (Camera+), Raphael Schaad (Flipboard), Matt Rix (Trainyard), Shaun Inman (Last Rocket) and many more.

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Making the right choices: How we designed and developed the iMore for iPhone app

Or, why building a solid iMore for iPhone app ain't like dusting crops, boy!

Han Solo's right. People release thousands of apps a week into the App Store, with varying levels of commitment and forethought to the final products. At Nickelfish, we pride ourselves on not being those kinds of people. Which is why when Rene and the Mobile Nations guys came to us and asked us to build them a great iMore app, we said yes. Obviously, as a podcast host and occasional contributor to iMore, on a personal level I'm deeply invested in making iMore and Mobile Nations look as good as possible, so there was a definite component to this project that made the stakes a little higher. It also made making choices that much more difficult. That's what it's all about though -- making the right choices at the right time, and releasing a product of which you can be proud.

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New Apple TV interface design reportedly old, vetoed by Steve Jobs 5 years ago

The new Apple TV user interface designs, which debuted alongside the new 1080p Apple TV, are actually 5 years old and were originally tossed out by the late Steve Jobs, who didn't like them. This according to Michael Margolis on Twitter, who claims to have "implemented much of the AppleTV 2.0 UI years ago".

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