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How to build a hamster wheel for humans out of iMac boxes

This is the story of how one intrepid university systems administrator build a giant wheel using nothing but 36 empty iMac boxes and packing tape.

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Have a wrist tattoo and an Apple Watch? The Apple Watch Hand might be for you

The folks over at Conan poked some fun at the Apple Watch last night over its issues interacting with tattoos.

As we've noted, the Apple Watch can encounter some difficulty when placed on a wrist with a dark or solid tattoo. Never fear, however, because Conan O'Brien has come up with a novel solution: the Apple Watch Hand.

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Forget Apple fanboys, what about Apple doomsayers?

Apple zealots are one thing, but Apple doomsayers might be worse. This week, on The Network: John Moltz wonders why we ever mixed church and tech.

Stop me if you've heard this one: Apple is just like a relig—


Yeah, you've heard it. Apple is just like a religion. And its customers are acolytes, steeped in the heady lore of the Church of Jobs blah blah blah. For certain pundits and commentators, this explains away everything they don't understand about Apple. Why it does so fabulously well, why its customers are so loyal, why the company is able to charge more for its devices... it explains everything!

A little too neatly.

See, if I could add an addendum to Occam's Razor it would go like this: The simplest explanation is usually the right one... unless it involves magic. Frankly, I think that it's much more valid to apply this argument to Apple's critics than its supporters.

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An Apple engineer speaks on the design process that led to the new MacBook

With all the furor about the new MacBook, it's nice see Apple loosening up a bit and letting their engineers speak freely about the super-thin laptop. It might not be the MacBook for you, or maybe you're just waiting for an updated MacBook Pro, or maybe it's exactly what you want. Regardless of where you sit, it's always good to laugh.

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Strange notifications from your BBC News app? Don't worry, here's what's going on

The BBC today sent out some weird push notifications to the broadcaster's official apps on both Android and iOS. It's a developer's worst fear when testing some new functionality goes live somehow and this is exactly what happened to the BBC. Push notifications were inadvertently sent out to live apps on both mobile platforms with some sample text. It is what's contained in these push notifications that makes this report rather humorous.

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The Daily Show takes on Google Glass: 'Do you hear what you're saying?'

The Daily Show has turned its satirical lens onto Google Glass. Stories of Google Glass Explorers getting attacked, harassed, and expelled from venues are nothing new anymore, though to the average person seeing somebody walking around with Glass, it can be a touch unnerving. As Comedy Central's The Daily Show is apt to do, they dug into that uncomfortableness with comic results.

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Seinfeld on smartphones and texting: 'I could have called you and I chose not to.'

Stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld's been back on the prowl recently with his oddball and descriptively-titled Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, though his eponymous "show about nothing" has never been far from the public consciousness (see: iToilet and Google Wallet). Seinfeld himself showed up on The Tonight Show this week and he, as he's prone to do, talked about how we use our smartphones and the way they've changed how we communicate.

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Siri turns up in The Simpsons causing trouble, how's it working for you?

If Apple's done something, there's a chance it'll be parodied at some point, and the latest is Siri which has turned up in Springfield for a cameo role in a new episode of The Simpsons. However, as you'll see in the video above, Siri doesn't come up with the goods.

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Conan O'Brien upgrades to iOS 7, heralding the apocalyse

Glad to see that Andy Richter read my editorial. Too bad Conan O'Brien didn't.

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Brace yourself, and your iPhone, for back-to-school

First day of school in today's digital world -- love it!

At what age did your kids get their own iPhone?

Source: Marlette Cartoons Facebook Page

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