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Sunday Fun Photoshops: If iPad is a Big iPhone, What's a Big iPad?

A little Photoshop fun with the idea that if the iPhone grew into the iPad, then the iPad is just waiting to grow into... Well, see above.

[ via Gizmodo]

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Monday Fun Video: Mosspuppet Review iTablet

What's a ton of hype without a bit of fun being poked at it, and after prying the mythical iTablet away from a plushy Steve Jobs, Walt Mosspuppet gives the full on, fake on, review.

Video, after the break!

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Mosspuppet Rumor Madness: iTablet to be iPhone's "Foleo" with Permanent 3G Tether?

Mosspuppet passed along a rumor that says Apple is not going to provide 3G radio for the iTablet/iSlate, but rather make it automagically, and persistently tethered to an iPhone, harkening back to Palm's legendary Foleo device -- that never shipped.

Sure, Mosspuppet is a... well, a puppet, and likely only has access to the plush version of Apple's upcoming tablet, but the humor to this rumor has us thinking -- it's totally the kind of crazy, maddening move that would drive consumers out of their minds and get the tech press shouting "why?!" from every post.

And AT&T would love it, given how they haven

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Wednesday Fun Video: Mosspuppet's Last-Minute Gift Guide


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[YouTube video link]

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Saturday Fake Video: Apple iTablet

Chad spotted this in the wee hours, and it being no faker than many of the so-called analyst predictions about the when's and how-muches involving Apple's still unannounced iTablet, we figured it might be a fun, fakety fake fake sort way to start off the real weekend.

And if Apple by chance does make something close-ish to this, would you want?

[No Where Else via Gizmodo]

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Monday Humor: iPhone Attacked! Cartoon Short

Our public frenemy number one, Kevin from rubbed his nefarious hands, squealed in sinister glee, and shot off this link to a video showing all the jealous, outdated smartphones ganging up on our elegant, perfectly balanced iPhone for a little cartoon chaos. (Also: someone dubbed -- poorly -- some kind of Brooklyn accent on our iPhone hero: everyone knows he really speaks like a chorus of Steve Jobs).

The language is NOT appropriate for children, so stay away if you're not old enough to play.

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Simpsons, eh? Apple Will Remember that Name!

Steve Jobs is likely set to unleash the hounds on Fox's The Simpsons TV show, after they thoroughly lampooned the iPhone and all things Apple on last night's episode. Check out both videos after the break. (Via Gizmodo)

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College Humor: Android vs. the iPhone

Okay, phew, it's not just us. Seems everyone is being swept up in the iPhone vs. Android hype, including the fun(nerer)-loving folks over at College Humor, who wrote in to tell us:

Yesterday, Google introduced their new Android cell phone platform, which is expected to bring big competition to the iPhone, but people are already starting to notice a few glitches with the new phone's features. Specifically the Did-You-Mean feature.

Visual hilarity ensues, so be sure to go check it out!

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How to Keep your Apple Gadgets

Chances are, if you're reading this you've been in this spot: a loved one suddenly wises up to your gadget addiction and is forced to call you out on it. Looking into your desk drawer and the tangle of USB cables snaking out of your computer, you're forced to agree that, yes, perhaps you don't need all these iPods.

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