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Humor: How iTunes Genius Really Works!

Joy of Tech are geniuses. Read their cartoons. Laugh. Or just smile knowingly. 'Nuff said!

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Colbert Threatdown: iPhone Kills! + Zune... Does Nothing

(US IP's only, Canadians can check it out here at 10:00 in. If any international readers can provide additional localized links in the comments, it would be appreciated!)

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Calvin and Jobs

Calvin and Hobbes ties with Bloom County as my all-time favorite strip cartoon. Two Xmas' ago, my friends bought me the fancy collected edition and I spent a week pouring over it. Killer imagination. Killer.

And while notorious recluse and rights reserver Bill Watterson would probably unleash all kinds of fury at the Apple-based, real-world intruding, Silicon Valley send-up, Calvin and Jobs, for those who follow the tech industry, it's unique combination of nostalgia and "inside baseball" humor is compelling.

(Via Gizmodo)

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iPhone As Learning Tool and Refrigerator Art. Children Outsmarting Parents

Rakesh Agrawal’s 3 year old daughter devised a clever means for watching instructional videos on her father's iPhone using common refrigerator magnets to mount the device on the fridge. Positioned for just her height, the industrious little scamp uses her iPhone to learn Yo-yo techniques by watching How-to videos from Veronica Belmont of Mahalo Daily. I'm betting Mom and Dad won't be so proud once the 3 year old realizes her invention is patentable and a lucrative product market, enjoying fabulous wealth while her parents are left staring at a empty refrigerator.

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Jailbroken iPhone at Apple Store

Someone has snapped a picture of the iPhone with the 3rd party application icon at an Apple store. It's kinda funny, it really hits home that jailbreaking right now and installing 3rd party apps is as simple as pointing an iPhone at

In other news, February is just 91 days away.

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My Second iPhone Has Arrived, Kool-Aid Never Tasted So Good

Boys and girls, let me tell you it ain't easy living without your iPhone for more than a week. The phrase Testicular impact comes to mind. It feels like eternity has passed since that dreaded day my inquisitive mind and impatient nature claimed the life of my iPhone. Rather than wait around for iPhone Dev Team to create a resuscitative baseband update, I applied my $100 Apple Store coupon towards the puchase of a second iPhone and succumbed to the siren call of Marimba ringtones.

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Humor: Apple Backlash Date Set

The Onion, one of America's finest satirical newspapers, has a funny article on the impending backlash against Apple. Mark your calendars!

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Time Warner Building iTunes Competitor

Time Warner is building an iTunes competitor. You know, sometimes I get irked when I see websites use the word "competitor" so loosely. The geniuses at Time Warner Cable have had a long time to think about music and they've had a long time to watch Apple's iTunes and mirror its success. So, they've unveiled a service that is:

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AT&T: Zero Criticism Tolerance

AT&T has modified their Terms of Service to bar their customers from griping. Their new terms of service now includes language that states they can terminate your connection for doing things that "tends to damage the name or reputation of AT&T, or its parents, affiliates and subsidiaries." An important distinction: the threat gag is just for the DSL portion of AT&T, aka BellSouth.

I don't expect it to work; actually, I expect it to backfire. Case in point, I'm going to slur the name of AT&T in this very sentence when I would not have otherwise:

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What Hast Thou Done to my iPhone?

I don't know who shares the most blame in this triad of technical blunders; Apple for it's strong arm tactics...iPhone Dev Team for their malfunctioning anySIM unlock app...Or myself for ever engaging in this exercise. A pragmatist would say I am solely to blame, but I am anything but pragmatic.

Nope, I blame the aforementioned parties for this debacle. I was merely innocent bystander. Right? crickets chirping in the background

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