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Poll: What do you think of the supposed iPhone 5 design?

What do you think of the supped iPhone 5 design?

We've now seen both pictures and ( of leaked parts assembled together to give us a look and what might just be the iPhone 5. Assuming they're even close to what we'll see at the September 12 special event iMore posted about earlier, what do you think? Best looking iPhone ever? Worst looking? Somewhere in between?

And if it is real or close to real, what do you think about it looking so similar to the iPhone 4... again? Is it a case of why mess with perfection, or a sign that Apple isn't refreshing the design fast enough?

Is the metal back hot or just really not? Is the headset on the bottom something that works or something that irks? Is the longer screen useful or just wrong?

Check out the supposed iPhone 5 designs, vote in the poll up top, then give me your thoughts below!

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Poll: Would you want the 7-inch iPad in multiple mini-chromatic colors?

Should the iPad mini go multi-colored?

We recently asked you if it was time for Apple to start releasing multiple color options with the iPhone 5, and 65% of you so far have voted "yes" so far. That got us to thinking -- what about the rumored iPad mini? While Apple has been content to keep their flagship products on a very strict color palette over the years -- metal, black, and maybe white -- the lower ends have historically been much more colorful.

The smaller, lower-end iPods have been nano-chromatic and shuffle-sensational for years, and Apple has mixed the exact shades up a few times to keep them fresh and fashionable. Would the same approach work for a lower-end iPad mini? Is that where Apple is most likely to make concessions towards the colorful? Would you even want them to?

As always, vote up top and give me your reasons -- and your favorite colors! -- in the comments below!

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Did you upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion today?

Did you upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion today?

Apple released their all new OS X Mountain Lion operating system for the Mac today, and at only $19.99 it's priced to move. But did it move you? Did you update to OS X Mountain Lion today, the very moment it came out? If so, how's it working for you?

If you didn't update, are you waiting a day or a week to see if there are any bugs first? Are you using those who did update as your final line of beta testers? If so, how long will you wait, and what specific issues are you looking for?

Are you working on a production machine and can't afford to update to any new software any time soon? Are you always a few months or a year behind? Are there apps you absolutely need updated before your OS is updated? Which ones?

Or are you simply never going to update? Is your Mac too old for OS X Mountain Lion? Or do you just not like the direction Apple's going with its desktop operating system?

And if you don't use the Mac, but Windows or Linux or something else, does Mountain Lion tempt to switch, or make you even happier you're not using the Mac?

Vote up top and comment below!

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Poll: Is it time for the iPhone to go multi-colored?

Should the iPhone 5 go multi-colored?

Apple usually keeps their flagship lines on a strict palette -- just metal for MacBooks lately, and metal and black or white for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. The lower end lines get to have much more fun, with cool, chromatic options like silver, pewter, blue, green, yellow, pink, and red.

During the first few years of the iPhone there were always rumors a product Red version would ship around the holidays, but nothing ever came of them. To this day, if you want to add a splash of color to your iPhone, you have to go with a case or skin or sticker or after-market color swap.

Now, as the iPhone 5 approaches, is it time for Apple to revisit their color palette? Is it time to give iPhone owners the same options iPod nano and iPod shuffle owners have enjoyed for years? Is it time for the iPhone to get as multi-colored as the old Apple logo and original iMacs?

Or would that ruin the simplicity, class, and elegance of the iPhone line? Are even black and white one too many options?

Vote up top and then leave a comment below telling me why you voted the way you did, and which color you'd buy if you could!

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Poll: Will you be switching to a shared plan on AT&T or Verizon?

Will you be switching to a shared iPhone plan?

AT&T has announced their shared plans and like Verizon before them, you'll need a masters degree in applied arithmetic to figure them out -- or just be smart enough to cheat off our own Leanna Lofte who did all the heavy counting and showed you which is better between AT&T and Verizon and by how much! Of course, you'll still have to figure out if a shared plan is cheaper than your existing individual plan...

But once you crunch those numbers, we want to know what you've figured out? Will you be switching to a shared plan on AT&T? A shared plan on Verizon? If so, how many iPhones will you be paying to put on it? How many iPads? Anything else?

Or are you waiting for something, like maybe the iPhone 5 or iPad mini before you make up your mind?

Or maybe you just think there's something fishy about shared plans in general, and that bits should be bits, and you want not part of them?

Whatever you decide, even if it's to wait before deciding, we want to know! Check out Leanna's walkthrough and then come back here and vote in the poll up top and tell me the reasons why in the comments below!

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Would you pay a higher price for the next iPhone just so that you could feel more exclusive?

The question sounds ludicrous, right? But iMore member motoleo posted on the iPhone Forums that he'd pay as much as $2000 for the next iPhone.

Apple should go up on the price of the next iPhone. Now that the iPhone 4S has saturated and can be found in places like Cricket and other low end carriers.

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Are you considering a switch from iPad to Microsoft Surface?

While both the well established Apple iPad and the newly announced Microsoft Surface are thin, powerful tablets of generous size, that seems to be about all they share in common.

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What do you think about iOS 6? [Poll]

Is it a great iOS update, or the greatest iOS update? Or did Apple miss the board entirely? iOS 5 was massive and gave us a ton of previously missing features. Did iOS 6 do the same? Did it need to?

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What do you want to see at WWDC 2012 Keynote?

This is it iMore nation, in just a few hours Apple will be holding the WWDC 2012 Keynote and we'll find out what they have in store for iOS 6, iCloud, and more! So this is your last chance -- what do you want to see from WWDC?

Give us you final predictions, your last, best hopes and dreams. If you were writing the script for the biggest Apple show of the year, what would it be?

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What will Apple release at WWDC 2012? [Poll]

The banners are already up for iOS 6, but will we get a first beta on keynote day, or will Apple make us wait a while? What about OS X Mountain Lion, will it go Gold Master? We've heard about new iCloud features, will it be just a few little additions or a full 2.0 update? The Apple TV runs iOS, but is it ready to get an App Store all its own? And are new Macs, maybe with iOS-style Retina displays going to be the one more thing?

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