Get the iMore sticker pack for iOS 10!

Not long after Apple announced the inclusion of Stickers in iOS 10, my colleague Rene Ritchie was asking us for headshots, reference photos, and selfies. He wanted to send an artist we'd commissioned all the necessary visuals to craft a sticker pack filled with reactions, sorta-kinda inside jokes, adorable laughing Georgia Dows, and even a facepalm (still waiting on that facepalm emoji)!

Animated iMore Goodness

iMore Sticker Pack on an iPad sitting on a desk.

First thing's first, here's where you'll find the iMore Sticker Pack:

I mean, what could be better than adorning your conversations with stickers of the iMore team? We'll answer that for you: Not a thing.

  • Throw your friends some side eye with Rene Ritchie's "SRSLY?"
  • Warn off your enemies with Georgia Dow's "Brace yourself."
  • Skate away from awkward conversations with Serenity Caldwell's roller derby.
  • Rock out with Lory Gil's guitar-wielding "rock!"
  • Celebrate your friend's success with Mikah Sargent's "Yasssss!"
  • Apologize profusely with Daniel Bader's "So sorry."

Plus loads more from members of the iMore team!

And here's the best part, folks: We aren't stopping just yet! We've got some surprises in the works, so don't forget to check for updates! I think Georgia Dow puts it best:

Georgia Dow says, 'brace yourself."

Brace yourself, indeed, Georgia. Brace yourself, indeed.


Apart from the iMore Sticker Pack (opens in new tab) — which is obviously your new favorite — what are your other favorite, can't-live-without Sticker Packs? Give us a shout!

Mikah Sargent

Mikah Sargent is Senior Editor at Mobile Nations. When he's not bothering his chihuahuas, Mikah spends entirely too much time and money on HomeKit products. You can follow him on Twitter at @mikahsargent if you're so inclined.

  • OMG this is amazing!
  • Well done guys...
  • Downloaded. I cannot wait to spam my friends with these stickers! Sent from the iMore App
  • haha.... spam
  • bravo..
  • Ok, that's so of course I love it!
  • We need the stickerpack of the Android Central guys. What better way to show the Android guys all the cool stickers we can have since they can use them on Hangou.... Messeng... Allo... well, nevermind, they can because they dont have anything like iMessage.
  • I'm guessing Allo will replace Hangouts eventually, it's just there at the moment as a transitioning period, plus they still need to make an Allo web-app or desktop-app. Allo is pretty nice though and it has stickers, the Google assistant is really cool especially how it can be used when messaging other people
  • lol..
    Some of these are actually better then the comics..
  • Where the heck is James? You can't have an iMore Sticker pack without the Community Manager being a part of it.
  • Yeah this!
  • When you're in the grocery store and the clerk pulls out stickers for an enthusiastic 7-year-old, that's one thing. But this??
  • There's a difference between those kind of stickers and messaging stickers
  • Looks So Cool! ^_^ as soon as i win an iPhone from iMore or pick one up myself in store. ill definitely be downloading these! :D
  • Oh. This. Yes.
    It doesn't matter that my friends don't follow this blog... y'all look awesome. Now I want my own face on a classy sticker pack!!! Sent from the iMore App