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Itunes Match

Okay, here's the deal with Apple Music, iCloud Music Library, and DRM

Folks are in a bit of a huff about Apple Music's DRM-clad files. Here's what (I'm guessing) is going on.

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Everything you need to know about iCloud on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

iCloud lets you sync and store all the data that's important to you, from photos and documents to calendars and contacts.

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How to enable iTunes Match on your Mac or Windows PC with iTunes

Not only does iTunes Match let you store your iPhone and iPad music on the cloud, but it lets you do the same across Mac and Windows PC computers as well. For example, if you have your entire music library on your iMac, you may not want to use the hard drive space on your MacBook Air. Instead, just use iTunes Match to stream music. This method isn't just convenient, it can also result in you saving tons of hard disk space on your Mac.

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How to manually update iCloud Music Library on your Mac or PC

iTunes Match is a great way to access all your music from all your devices. It can also free up precious storage space. While music purchases should automatically sync with your iTunes Match subscription, there may be a time or two when music is missing on one device or another. If this ever happens to you, a manual update to iTunes Match from your Mac or Windows PC should do the trick!

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Music app using tons of data on your iPhone or iPad? Here's how you can stop it!

The Music app that comes built into every iPhone and iPad is responsible not only for storing your music collection from iTunes, it also houses iTunes Match and lets you access iTunes Radio, both of which can eat tremendous amounts of data. And that's not counting any iTunes in the Cloud purchases you may make. If you aren't careful, the Music app can quickly eat through your carrier's data allowance. If this is an issue you've been running into, here are some ways you can curb how much data the Music app consumes!

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How I saved 140 GB of hard disk space using iTunes Match

Have a large iTunes library? Consider getting it off your hard drive and into the cloud

Ever since I started using Macs with SSDs, I've become keenly aware of how much storage space I use. Over the years I've built up a great library of archived articles I've written, files I've saved, applications, and media.

But it's mostly music. Music occupied a huge amount of storage space on my Mac until fairly recently. Here's how I got rid of it using iTunes Match, and without losing the music.

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iCloud Music Library showing duplicate songs? Here's how to fix it!

Using iTunes Match on your iPhone or iPad and keep finding duplicate songs in your albums? Turns out you aren't alone. Sometime during the days of iOS 6, a lot of iTunes Match subscribers started reporting the same problem. Unfortunately Apple hasn't yet provided a permanent fix. However, there is a workaround that seems to solve the mysterious duplicate song problem. So how does it work?

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WWDC 2011 Flashback: OS X Lion, iOS 5, iCloud and iTunes Match

As we head towards WWDC 2014 we thought it would be fun to look back at Apple World Wide Developer Conferences past, what they introduced, and what impact they made. Today let's take a look at WWDC 2011, where software ruled the day — OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud...

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How to delete songs in the Music app to free up space on your iPhone or iPad

iPhones and iPads don't come with an unlimited amount of storage space. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to eating space is music. Sure, the individual files aren't large, but many people have hundreds if not thousands of them in their collections and they can really add up. Deleting music can free up valuable storage space. Whether you're using iTunes in the Cloud to bring down your music or syncing it with iTunes, the process of deleting a song is the same.

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iTunes Match Limit: What to do when you hit 25,000 songs

iTunes Match is great, but what happens when you hit the 25,000 song limit? The solution isn't pretty

You can keep iTunes Radio, Spotify, Pandora and the like. I like collecting my music, just as I have since I was a kid. I'll never sell my audio CDs or get rid of vinyl. Between that and stuff I've downloaded from iTunes and other music services like and, I'm somewhere in the vicinity of 24,000 songs. I also use iTunes Match, which has a 25,000 song limit. What happens when I hit the limit? Turns out things get weird.

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