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Vector 31: Facebook, WhatsApp, and the value of mobile messaging

Kevin Michaluk of Mobile Nations joins Rene to talk about Facebook’s $16 billion WhatsApp acquisition, not mistaking products for businesses, the value of user-base, the mobile hierarchy of needs, BBM’s missed opportunity, LINE, WeChat, Kik, and more.

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Anyone REALLY still want a physical keyboard on their iPhone?

While most of the smartphone world has long since moved on from physical keyboards, Kevin Michaluk believes there's still an important place, and 5 important use-cases, for them. CrackBerry:

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Vector 26: Kevin Michaluk on what's going to happen to BlackBerry

Vector is Mobile Nations' cross-site, cross-platform technology news and analysis show where every week we dive into the biggest stories with the brightest guests. This week Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry joins Rene to talk about BlackBerry's new direction, what went wrong with the new phone launches — and Alicia Keys! — and how they hope to turn devices, BBM, enterprise, and QNX into a bold new future.

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Vector 13: Kevin Michaluk on what happened to BlackBerry

It happened to Palm. It's happening to BlackBerry. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung might be insulated by their revenue from other businesses, or they might not. No company stays on top, or even in the game, forever. So, we interrupt our usual programing to get Kevin Michaluk of back on the line so he can explain to us what the hell is happening with BlackBerry. The reaction to the iPhone, the detour of the PlayBook, and the launch of BB10. No. Holds. Barred.

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Apple's lack of gold iPhone 5s on launch day drives man to spend $1500. Epic deal, or fail?

Kevin Michaluk, who's no stranger to either Apple launch events in Miami, or throwing hundreds of dollars at apps or thousands of dollars at phones, decided in the spur of a moment to combine all of these things together and pay $1500 for a gold iPhone 5s. Why? Because Apple had critically low stock at every location we've been able to find out about. The Miami Apple store, for example, had 3.

Still, never one to waste an opportunity to turn water into wine, the Mobile Nations video crew combed through their footage from the launch event this morning and edited it into another adventure of mobile madness for all of us to enjoy. So here it is, the tall tale of a boy, his lust for golden gadgets, and his epic, financially disastrous, victory!

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Vine is so compelling it gets CrackBerry Kevin back on iPhone!

Vine is the Harry Potter-esque short moving picture app for iPhone acquired and launched by Twitter. Kevin Michaluk is the founder of Blackberry-focused website CrackBerry, and the chief media officer of Mobile Nations. The universe seemed to have ordained that never the two should meet. But someone found Kevin's iPhone, charged it, installed Instagram, forced it into his BlackBerry Q10-cold, clawed hand, and somehow showed Kevin how to use it.

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