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Apple releases OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 update

Apple has released OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 to the public. This is the third major update to Mountain Lion since its initial release in July 2012.

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Apple releases OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.1 update

Apple has just released OS X Mountain Lion version 10.8.1, the first point update to their latest generation Mac desktop operating system. Here's what Apple has to say about it:

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How to get Absinthe 2.0 working on OS X Mountain Lion

If you've got OS X Mountain Lion and you've recently tried to jailbreak using Absinthe 2.0 you more than likely realized that OS X Mountain Lion either won't let you open Absinthe or the program won't actually load. After a bit of research, a sharp reader over at iDownloadBlog managed to find a workaround that will allow you to run it again. If you know what you're doing, you can head on over there and blast through the instructions. If you're not as familiar with OS X, keep reading for a step-by-step walkthrough with screen shots.

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X11 and the disturbing trend of Apple removing functionality from OS X

OS X Mountain Lion not only ships without X11, but actually removes X11 from your computer when you upgrade. If you're not familiar with X11, it's a networked graphical user interface that geeks and systems administrators alike use all the time, every day to connect to and run various UNIX applications. It might not sound like a mainstream feature, and it isn't, but it's something that let me and people like me do our jobs using the Mac. It let me connect to work via ssh and use X11 forwarding to view terminal applications, use tsclient, vnc etc... It let me be an Apple customer. And now it's gone.

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Problems plague Apple's Mountain Lion up-to-date program

Since yesterday we've been getting a steady stream of comments, forum posts, emails, and tweets regarding problems associated with the redemption of Apple's OS X Mountain Lion up-to-date program. The program is supposed to give recent Mac buyers a free upgrade to Mountain Lion, and comes in the form of redemption codes for the Mac App Store. At first, a lot of them simply didn't work. Today, many of the redeem codes were downloading OS X Mountain Lion server instead of the regular version.

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Did you upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion today?

Did you upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion today?

Apple released their all new OS X Mountain Lion operating system for the Mac today, and at only $19.99 it's priced to move. But did it move you? Did you update to OS X Mountain Lion today, the very moment it came out? If so, how's it working for you?

If you didn't update, are you waiting a day or a week to see if there are any bugs first? Are you using those who did update as your final line of beta testers? If so, how long will you wait, and what specific issues are you looking for?

Are you working on a production machine and can't afford to update to any new software any time soon? Are you always a few months or a year behind? Are there apps you absolutely need updated before your OS is updated? Which ones?

Or are you simply never going to update? Is your Mac too old for OS X Mountain Lion? Or do you just not like the direction Apple's going with its desktop operating system?

And if you don't use the Mac, but Windows or Linux or something else, does Mountain Lion tempt to switch, or make you even happier you're not using the Mac?

Vote up top and comment below!

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How to set up and start using iMessage in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Now that you've updated your Mac to OS X Mountain Lion it's time to start checking out some of the new features. iMessage now comes stock in Mountain Lion and makes it easier than ever to stay in contact with the people that matter most across your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and now, your Mac.

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iWork apps for OS X Mountain Lion and iOS start receiving updates

The iWork suite of apps which includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are getting some updates on both OS X Mountain Lion and iOS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The new versions of the apps appear to add iCloud support across both and dictation support for Mountain Lion.

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OS X Mountain Lion now available, and what it means for iOS users

OS X Mountain Lion, the 8th generation of Apple's desktop operating system and the elder brother with which iOS shares much of it's digital DNA, is now available in the Mac App Store.

$19.99 - Download now

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OS X Mountain Lion goes on sale tomorrow

Apple has announced in their Q3 financial earnings press release that OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be released tomorrow. It will be available in the Mac App Store for $19.99 to all Snow Leopard and Lion users.

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