WWDC 2012 Keynote liveblog

iMore is LIVE at the WWDC Keynote kicking things off at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST, and bringing you back all the iOS 6, iCloud, and Mac action! Apple WILL NOT be streaming the event, but we'll bring you up-to-the minute photos and play-by-play of all the action, along with commentary and analysis.

12:30 Leanna Lofte: 30 min before Keynote begins! Rene and Seth should be heading in the room soon. I'm holding up the fort at Starbucks :)

12:31 Leanna Lofte: We'll let a few comments through before the it starts, but after 10a, none will. We want it to be easy for people to follow.

12:31 Comment From Diego Ok, thank you very much. I'm following you from Argentina...

12:31 Comment From Ben Can't wait!

12:31 Comment From RamboMan Any idea if they will announce that Siri will actually work on iOS6?

12:31 Leanna Lofte: Works great for me on iOS 5 :P

12:32 Comment From Drie Lim Very Excited here... following from the Philippines

12:32 Comment From Clarkieboy I'm following you from UK

12:32 Comment From Chris watching from Erie, PA. Can't wait!

12:32 Comment From Hype Will there be a video of teh keynote?

12:32 Leanna Lofte: Probably an hour or so after it's over, yes.

12:32 Comment From sspchk watching from Munich, Germany!

12:33 Comment From Nabil I just want to know if I should buy another 4S, or wait! (Smart answer is always wait, but I've got a hankering for new hardware.)

12:33 Leanna Lofte: There won't be a device announcement today

12:33 Comment From Guest When will the event start? Following from saudi arabia

12:33 Leanna Lofte: 10a pacific time

12:33 Comment From Guest Siri works great for me too on iOS5

12:33 Comment From Guest So when do you think they will release iOS6?

12:33 Leanna Lofte: Fall

12:33 Comment From Dominic No video right?

12:33 Leanna Lofte: Nope :(

12:34 Comment From Nick Keeping tabs from KC, MO. Thanks for keeping track of things for us!

12:34 Comment From Wiss From Spain here ;)

12:35 Comment From Bazinga Following from India!

12:35 Comment From Tony Following from Washington state!

12:35 Comment From Brian Here in San Diego CA!

12:35 Comment From Alle Following from NYC

12:35 Comment From Oscar Following from Colombia :D

12:35 Comment From Jan Hjordie From Denmark here ;-) And want a new MacBook Air ;-)

12:36 Comment From Ken Zerba Following from Denver CO

12:36 Leanna Lofte: Woot! I just moved away from Denver!

12:37 Leanna Lofte: DU grad here

12:37 Comment From Shane Sweden present!

12:37 Comment From Vladimir From Ottawa, Canada

12:37 Comment From James From England! Watching game

12:37 Comment From Jason Following from Memphis, TN

12:37 Comment From Michael will this liveblog also have photos?

12:37 Leanna Lofte: YES!

12:37 Comment From rey following from Alexandria, VA

12:37 Comment From Kenny Following from Moonachie, NJ

12:37 Comment From Allen Weird my questions aren't Showing up

12:37 Leanna Lofte: Not letting them all through :P

12:37 Comment From James They need to be approved I think

12:38 Leanna Lofte: Yep. If we let all through, it'd be too hard to follow. Again, after event starts, none will be let through

12:38 Comment From James Leanna, is kickoff at 6? (22 mins)?

12:38 Leanna Lofte: 10am Pacific Time

12:39 Leanna Lofte: I think Rene will be here in a moment. Live inside!

12:40 Seth Clifford: GREETINGS PROGRAMS!

12:41 Leanna Lofte: Woot!

12:41 Seth Clifford: Just sat down, room is filling up

12:41 Leanna Lofte: How close are you guys?

12:42 Seth Clifford: mid-section with a lot of legroom (on purpose)

12:42 Leanna Lofte: Awesome!

12:42 Comment From James Seth, are you able to do photos?

12:42 Leanna Lofte: Yes. He'll be doing photos :)

12:42 Seth Clifford: Rene will be shooting photos while I type

12:42 Ally Kazmucha: Here

12:43 Leanna Lofte: Sweet

12:43 Comment From John b Hello Seth

12:43 Seth Clifford: Hey Ally

12:43 Seth Clifford: Hey John

12:43 Rene Ritchie: Hey everyone! We're in, and we have MUSIC!

12:44 Leanna Lofte: I'm tethering with Verizon iPad LTE iPad. Seems to be holding up great.

12:44 Comment From Hype Hey Seth, Will you guys be doing a podcast? Love the show!

12:44 Leanna Lofte: Yes. We'll be podcasting this week.

12:44 Seth Clifford: We're going to try to do one later yes


12:44 Leanna Lofte: No.

12:44 Comment From Bubbles Seth are they serving rum n coke?

12:45 Seth Clifford: Sadly, no.

12:46 Comment From AndyG why is Leanna at Starbucks and not at the keynote??

12:46 Leanna Lofte: I'm too poor to buy a $1500 ticket :P

12:46 Comment From Ryan I thought I saw that Apple wasn't allowing legit live blogging of the event

12:46 Leanna Lofte: The don't allow video

12:49 Comment From Zane How soon after the event will Apple post a video?

12:49 Leanna Lofte: By the end of the day. Probably sooner.

12:49 Ally Kazmucha: and iTunes version will follow for download probably late tonight, early tomorrow.

12:52 Comment From John I feel like a 6 year old at xmas... GL iMore crew... Thanks for the coverage...

12:52 Comment From George Is everything being revealed in the keynote? What happens during the rest of the week?

12:53 Leanna Lofte: Yes. Rest of the week is sessions for developers.

12:55 Comment From Guest Thanks iMore for the coverage

12:55 Comment From Samantha Yes, thank-you so much for the live coverage. It's so appreciated!

12:55 Comment From Hassaan no new iPhone today?

12:55 Leanna Lofte: no.

12:56 Comment From Jeremy Cai do you think we should see IOS 6 being pushed immediately after WWDC?

12:56 Leanna Lofte: Beta. Yes. To the public? Not till Fall.

12:56 Comment From Phil I have a shot glass next to me, so every time I hear the words magical I will take a shot. Any other words I should throw in?

12:56 Leanna Lofte: revolutionary

12:56 Seth Clifford: Am I here?

12:57 Leanna Lofte: yes. Hi Seth!

12:57 Comment From Mike Eh just pay $10 for dev access...i did it for iOS 5 beta

12:57 Seth Clifford: Holy crap! networking nightmare!

12:57 Leanna Lofte: No. Don't' do this. Horrible idea. DON"T DO IT!

12:58 Seth Clifford: Ok, I think we're ready

12:58 Ally Kazmucha: Dev access is $99, not $10

12:58 Leanna Lofte: 1 minute!

12:59 Seth Clifford: If we stop talking for a while, you'll know why... :(

12:59 Rene Ritchie: Back! Wow, literally everything is failing!

12:59 Seth Clifford: All the things!

12:59 Leanna Lofte: :(

1:00 Seth Clifford: Here we go l

1:00 Seth Clifford: lights dimming

1:00 Leanna Lofte: 10a!

1:00 Seth Clifford: screens are lit

1:00 Phil Nickinson: (Excitement!)

1:00 Seth Clifford: Siri welcoming us to WWDC with a warm up

1:00 Rene Ritchie: We're starting!

1:00 Seth Clifford: joke

1:01 Seth Clifford: Siri making VC jokes to all the devs

1:01 Rene Ritchie: Sir is on a roll.

1:01 Seth Clifford: how many devs does it take to change a lightbulb?

1:01 Seth Clifford: "none, that's a hardware problem"

1:01 Rene Ritchie: Any of you guys working with Icecream sandwhich or Jellybean. Who's making up thiese names, Ben and Jerry?

1:01 Seth Clifford: Siri killing it

1:02 Rene Ritchie: I'm looking forward to the next Samsung Not the phone. The refrigerator.

1:02 Seth Clifford: "remember - you guys rock"

1:02 Seth Clifford: tim is out!

1:02 Rene Ritchie: iPad playing piano music. Siri, is emotional. Have a good WWDC.

1:03 Rene Ritchie: Tim Cook on stage

1:03 Rene Ritchie: Wow, iPad really crushed. Straight from CPU - iPad, can you slow it down a bit?

1:03 Seth Clifford: Tim: this is the 23rd WWDC

1:03 Rene Ritchie: http://cdn.tipb.com/images/stories//2012/06/WWDC2012-080.jpg

1:03 Seth Clifford: sold out in 1 hr 43 minutes

1:03 Seth Clifford: Tim talking about sessions, labs, etc.

1:04 Phil Nickinson:

1:04 Seth Clifford: Getting started with the App Store

1:04 Seth Clifford: most vibrant ecosystem on planet, over 400 million accts on the app store

1:05 Seth Clifford: 650,000 apps in the store

1:05 Seth Clifford: 225,000 of these apps are specifically designed for iPad

1:05 Seth Clifford: new milestone of the app store: 30 billion app downloads

1:05 Seth Clifford: Wow!

1:06 Seth Clifford: devs have been paid over 5bil to date

1:06 Seth Clifford: store operates in over 120 countries around the world, 32 more coming soon

1:06 Seth Clifford: "blow away numbers"

1:07 Seth Clifford: nothing makes us happier than to see 100s of 1000s of devs around the world using our hardware and software to share their ideas

1:07 Seth Clifford: video coming up

1:08 Seth Clifford: (video playing)

1:09 Seth Clifford: a blind app user is talking about how GPS apps help him navigate his world

1:10 Seth Clifford: kids in school, learning with apps

1:10 Seth Clifford: 3D medical apps bringing new ways to learn into the classroom

1:10 Seth Clifford: talking about the power of this technology

1:11 Seth Clifford: owners of a treehouse hotel, talking about AirBNB

1:11 Seth Clifford: yes, a treehouse

1:12 Seth Clifford: (you'll see the video later :P)

1:12 Seth Clifford: founder of airbnb talking about sharing stories, through travel

1:13 Seth Clifford: mother of a special needs child talking about how her child embraces the iPad as a communication tool

1:14 Leanna Lofte: emotional I'm assuming

1:14 Seth Clifford: (as an aside, if I drop off posting for a second, I'm just switching devices)

1:14 Seth Clifford: yes, emotional, indeed

1:14 Seth Clifford: individual users, thanking iPad

1:15 Seth Clifford: for all the amazing apps

1:15 Seth Clifford: (and iPhone)

1:15 Seth Clifford: (video over)

1:15 Seth Clifford: (applause)

1:15 Seth Clifford: Tim back out

1:15 Seth Clifford: "a great reminder of what it's all about"

1:15 Seth Clifford: "and why we do what we do"

1:15 Seth Clifford: Thanks to all the developers

1:16 Seth Clifford: announcing exciting new changes in the notebook lineup

1:16 Seth Clifford: and huge advances in iOS and OS X

1:16 Seth Clifford: here we go

1:16 Seth Clifford: Here comes Schiller

1:16 Seth Clifford: Phil is out

1:17 Rene Ritchie: Schiller

1:17 Seth Clifford: talking about MacBook line

1:17 Rene Ritchie: http://cdn.tipb.com/images/stories//2012/06/WWDC2012-080.jpg

1:17 Seth Clifford: MacBook Air up first

1:17 Seth Clifford: thin, light, capable, everyone's trying to copy it

1:18 Seth Clifford: updates - latest processors - new generation Intel Core procs - ivy bridge

1:18 Seth Clifford: up to 2.0 dual core i7

1:18 Rene Ritchie: http://cdn.tipb.com/images/stories//2012/06/WWDC2012-079.jpg

1:18 Seth Clifford: 60% faster graphics

1:18 Seth Clifford: even more flash storage now

1:18 Seth Clifford: up to 512 gb in MBA

1:18 Seth Clifford: huge!

1:19 Seth Clifford: up to 500MBps read speed!

1:19 Seth Clifford: I/O updated - USB3!

1:19 Seth Clifford: up to 10x faster than USB 2

1:19 Seth Clifford: USB 3 and 2 support built into one port

1:20 Seth Clifford: updated FaceTime cam

1:20 Seth Clifford: 720p cam

1:20 Phil Nickinson:

1:20 Seth Clifford: showing configs on screen now

1:20 Seth Clifford: $100 less expensive at 11" and upgraded

1:20 Seth Clifford: $999/1099

1:21 Seth Clifford: starts shipping today

1:21 Seth Clifford: (13" is updated too, missed the prices - sorry!)

1:21 Seth Clifford: MBP updates now

1:21 Seth Clifford: ivy bridge, up to 2.7 ghz, faster memory, faster graphics

1:22 Seth Clifford: new discrete graphics architecture

1:22 Seth Clifford: up to 1gb video memory, up to 60% faster than discrete graphics

1:22 Seth Clifford: all USB 3/2 as well

1:22 Seth Clifford: 13" - $1199/1499, upgrades across the board

1:23 Seth Clifford: 15" - $1799/2199

1:23 Seth Clifford: ships today as well

1:23 Seth Clifford: faster, well, pretty much everything

1:23 Seth Clifford: better, faster, more more more :)

1:23 Seth Clifford: what's next?

1:24 Seth Clifford: a special laptop!

1:24 Seth Clifford: oh man...

1:24 Seth Clifford: with the MBA, engineers did something really special

1:24 Leanna Lofte: http://cdn.tipb.com/images/stories//2012/06/WWDC2012-082.jpg

1:24 Seth Clifford: bold choices make for new bold products - next generation MacBook Pro!

1:25 Phil Nickinson:

1:25 Seth Clifford: key ideas - killer new display!

1:25 Seth Clifford: new tech, tossing legacy tech

1:25 Seth Clifford: revealed... !

1:25 Seth Clifford: super thin!

1:25 Seth Clifford: gorgeous new display!

1:26 Seth Clifford: turning laptop to the side - amazingly thin

1:26 Seth Clifford: (pic incoming)

1:26 Seth Clifford: thinner than Phil's finger

1:26 Phil Nickinson: (Whose finger?)

1:26 Phil Nickinson: (Oh. That Phil. Carry on.)

1:27 Seth Clifford: not you, Phil haha (the other Phil)

1:27 Leanna Lofte: http://cdn.tipb.com/images/stories//2012/06/WWDC2012-0891.jpg

1:27 Seth Clifford: 0.71 inches thin

1:27 Seth Clifford: pretty impressive

1:27 Phil Nickinson:

1:27 Seth Clifford: 1/4 thinner than existing - about as thin as the MBA - about 4.5 pounds

1:27 Seth Clifford: retina display!!!

1:28 Seth Clifford: it's official

1:28 Seth Clifford: 15.4" across, pixel density of 2,800x1,800

1:28 Seth Clifford: 4x the number of pixels - 220ppi

1:28 Seth Clifford: 5,184,000 pixels!

1:29 Seth Clifford: incredible quality, higher contrats ratios, deeper blacks, reduced glare by up to 75%!

1:29 Seth Clifford: wow. that's big.

1:29 Phil Nickinson: (How horrible are normal web pages going to look?)

1:29 Seth Clifford: ships with Lion, which has been optimized for the new display

1:29 Seth Clifford: (absolutely awful, Phil. Just awful)

1:29 Phil Nickinson: (Cause that's a ridiculous -- and ridiculously awesome number of pixels)

1:30 Seth Clifford: included apps, and pro apps are updated too - major Aperture update

1:30 Seth Clifford: final cut pro x updated as well

1:30 Phil Nickinson:

1:30 Seth Clifford: video area on top right is 100% pixel for pixel 1080 video

1:30 Seth Clifford: yikes

1:31 Seth Clifford: apps need to be updated, pixel doubling will work temporarily, have been working with key developers

1:31 Seth Clifford: adobe photoshop

1:31 Leanna Lofte:

1:31 Seth Clifford: autodesk/autoCAD

1:32 Seth Clifford: games updated too - Diablo III

1:32 Seth Clifford: everything inside the new MBP has been reinvented too

1:32 Seth Clifford: "the bottom of our computer is prettier than anyone else's top"

1:32 Seth Clifford: heh

1:32 Seth Clifford: HUUUGE battery inside

1:33 Seth Clifford: to drive retina display

1:33 Seth Clifford: fastest procs available - quad core i7 up to 2.7 ghz, configure with up to 16gb of memory (whoa)

1:33 Seth Clifford: fastest graphics - kepler architecture

1:33 Leanna Lofte:

1:33 Seth Clifford: flash storage inside - configure up to 750gb SSD!

1:34 Seth Clifford: incredible machine. really incredible.

1:34 Seth Clifford: up to 7 hours of battery life

1:34 Seth Clifford: with all that stuff. nice!

1:34 Seth Clifford: HDMI built in now, USB 3/2, SD Card, magsafe 2 - even thnner - two thunderbolt ports

1:35 Seth Clifford: talking about external flash RAID drives getting insane speeds thru thunderbolt

1:35 Leanna Lofte:

1:35 Leanna Lofte:

1:35 Seth Clifford: legacy tech supported over TB too - thunderbolt firewire adapters and gigabit ethernet

1:36 Seth Clifford: bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 n

1:36 Leanna Lofte:

1:36 Leanna Lofte:

1:36 Seth Clifford: facetime HD, dual microphones, best stereo speakers

1:36 Seth Clifford: (video coming up - video playing)

1:36 Seth Clifford: jony ive talking :)

1:36 Leanna Lofte:

1:36 Seth Clifford: about starting again

1:37 Seth Clifford: mansfield talking about opening up new world of hardware design

1:37 Seth Clifford: "the very best computer we've ever built"

1:37 Leanna Lofte:

1:37 Seth Clifford: talking about retina again (3mil more pixels than an HD tv)

1:38 Seth Clifford: all flash architecture key to performance

1:38 Leanna Lofte:

1:38 Seth Clifford: talking about all the nice new guts, all the stuff Phil just went through

1:38 Leanna Lofte:

1:38 Seth Clifford: 0.71 in thin, 4.46 lbs

1:39 Seth Clifford: display layers built into unibody construction, flattening the screen

1:40 Leanna Lofte: I wish Jony Ive would talk on stage and not just to video

1:40 Seth Clifford: quieter fans - asymmetric blades mean less fan noise

1:41 Seth Clifford: federighi talking software now

1:41 Seth Clifford: (still in the video)

1:41 Seth Clifford: talking Aperture, final cut pro x

1:41 Leanna Lofte:

1:42 Seth Clifford: designing the very best computer for today - and the future

1:42 Seth Clifford: (video over - applause)

1:42 Seth Clifford: Phil back - to talk configs

1:42 Seth Clifford: starting at $2199 15" retina display, 8gb ram, 256 ssd

1:42 Seth Clifford: 2.3 quad-core i7

1:43 Seth Clifford: showing environmental checklist

1:43 Leanna Lofte:

1:43 Seth Clifford: hitting all the right notes - fewer toxics, aluminum, energy star, etc.

1:43 Seth Clifford: starts shipping today!

1:43 Seth Clifford: "it is the future."

1:44 Seth Clifford: simply the best computer we've ever made - YET no 17"!

1:44 Seth Clifford: (rene noticed)

1:44 Seth Clifford: federighi is out to talk OS X

1:44 Seth Clifford: 66 million Mac users - triple 5 years ago

1:44 Leanna Lofte: 17" is too big :P

1:45 Leanna Lofte:

1:45 Seth Clifford: 26 million copies of Lion shipped to date - best selling release ever - 40% of all users are running Lion (in 9 months)

1:45 Seth Clifford: one year later - mountain lion

1:45 Seth Clifford: over 200 new features talking about 8

1:46 Seth Clifford: first - iCloud

1:46 Seth Clifford: 125 million registered users

1:46 Seth Clifford: support built into ML

1:46 Seth Clifford: tighter integration across devices now

1:46 Seth Clifford: three new apps optimized for iCloud - Messages, Reminders, Notes

1:46 Seth Clifford: integration for documents - "Documents in the Cloud"

1:47 Seth Clifford: launch Pages, opens document library of all in iCloud

1:47 Seth Clifford: updated across iOS and Macs

1:47 Leanna Lofte: about time

1:48 Seth Clifford: Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Text Edit, Preview + SDK for devs to add this feature

1:48 Seth Clifford: (demo time)

1:48 Seth Clifford: showing new Reminders app

1:48 Seth Clifford: multi-touch gestures, location based reminders just like iOS

1:48 Seth Clifford: showing Notes

1:49 Seth Clifford: same as iOS

1:49 Seth Clifford: now showing Messages

1:49 Seth Clifford: talking about starting conversations on iOS, completing them on Mac

1:50 Seth Clifford: HD video support

1:50 Seth Clifford: on to Documents in the Cloud

1:50 Seth Clifford: launch an individual app, the docs you can access are shown to you in the doc picker

1:50 Seth Clifford: want a new one? drag it in, now it's on all your devices

1:51 Seth Clifford: making changes on Pages in iPhone, Mac updates automatically!

1:51 Seth Clifford: pretty cool

1:51 Seth Clifford: on to notification center

1:52 Seth Clifford: pop ups are now banners and alerts

1:52 Seth Clifford: (someone say Growl is getting sherlocked now)

1:52 Seth Clifford: slides in, slides out

1:53 Seth Clifford: dictation!

1:53 Seth Clifford: talk to your mac, let it do the typing for you - works everywhere

1:53 Seth Clifford: web pages, 3rd party apps - all over

1:53 Seth Clifford: sharing - share button on toolbar, options presented like iOS

1:54 Seth Clifford: sharing built in across system in every app

1:54 Leanna Lofte:

1:54 Seth Clifford: support for services like twitter built right into the OS in sys prefs

1:54 Leanna Lofte:

1:54 Seth Clifford: new safari

1:54 Leanna Lofte:

1:54 Seth Clifford: fastest javascript engine of any browser on the planet

1:55 Leanna Lofte:

1:55 Seth Clifford: address bar now shows search suggestions

1:55 Leanna Lofte:

1:55 Leanna Lofte:

1:55 Leanna Lofte:

1:55 Seth Clifford: new feature - iCloud tabs - click a button on a toolbar, see all the pages opened across all devices

1:55 Seth Clifford: nice

1:55 Leanna Lofte:

1:55 Leanna Lofte:

1:56 Seth Clifford: new tab view - use gestures to navigate tabs (demo)

1:56 Leanna Lofte:

1:56 Leanna Lofte:

1:56 Leanna Lofte:

1:56 Leanna Lofte:

1:57 Leanna Lofte:

1:57 Seth Clifford: showing all the stuff he just went through - search bar, iCloud tabs, etc.

1:57 Seth Clifford: (pics are a little behind, sorry guys!)

1:57 Seth Clifford: new tab view is like giant iOS safari tabs - see all tabs visually, back and forth

1:58 Seth Clifford: showing sharing, and in full-screen apps too

1:58 Leanna Lofte:

1:58 Leanna Lofte:

1:59 Seth Clifford: notification center in full screen works nicely

1:59 Seth Clifford: notifications are supported from web services like twitter too

1:59 Leanna Lofte:

1:59 Seth Clifford: quick tweet and facebook posting from notification center!

2:00 Seth Clifford: (demo over)

2:00 Seth Clifford: new tech: power nap

2:00 Seth Clifford: when your Mac is not being used (asleep), fetches email and calendar, photo stream while you're away

2:01 Seth Clifford: backs itself up to time capsule, downloads app updates and software updates automatically

2:01 Leanna Lofte:

2:01 Seth Clifford: entirely silent, no fans spinning up, compatible with current MBAs and new MBP

2:01 Seth Clifford: next up: airplay mirroring

2:01 Seth Clifford: go to menu bar, find apple tv, select one, mirroring in 1080p res

2:02 Leanna Lofte:

2:02 Seth Clifford: also sends audio to airplay enabled stereos and speakers

2:02 Seth Clifford: last up: game center

2:02 Seth Clifford: coming from iOS to the mac

2:02 Leanna Lofte:

2:02 Seth Clifford: use same game center account, track all your play, achievements, across your devices

2:03 Seth Clifford: supports both turn-based and head to head, mac to mac, and iOS to mac

2:03 Leanna Lofte:

2:03 Seth Clifford: (demo time) airplay, game center

2:03 Leanna Lofte:

2:03 Leanna Lofte:

2:04 Leanna Lofte:

2:04 Seth Clifford: craig's game center account name: "Hair Force One" hahahaha

2:04 Seth Clifford: showing iPad to Mac racing

2:05 Seth Clifford: head to head racing with "Racer OS X"

2:05 Seth Clifford: all over airplay

2:05 Leanna Lofte:

2:05 Seth Clifford: (demo over)

2:06 Seth Clifford: soooo many new things in ML

2:06 Seth Clifford: 200 new features

2:06 Seth Clifford: highlighting features for china

2:07 Seth Clifford: adding new dictionary, new fonts, support for baidu, sharing support for chinese web services

2:07 Seth Clifford: 1700 new APIs for developers

2:07 Seth Clifford: (mountain lion, not just china)

2:07 Seth Clifford: delivering it next month via Mac App Store

2:08 Seth Clifford: Lion was aggressively priced, ML is just 19.99!

2:08 Leanna Lofte:

2:08 Leanna Lofte:

2:08 Seth Clifford: both for lion and snow leopard upgrades - 20 bucks for all personal Macs

2:08 Leanna Lofte:

2:08 Seth Clifford: free for new macs purchased today

2:08 Leanna Lofte:

2:08 Seth Clifford: (the upgrade that is)

2:09 Seth Clifford: next up - Forstall and iOS!!!!

2:09 Seth Clifford: here we go kids!

2:09 Seth Clifford: 365 M iOS devices sold thru end of March

2:09 Seth Clifford: 80%+ are running iOS 5

2:09 Seth Clifford: comparing it to android (haha)

2:10 Seth Clifford: "dairy product 4.0"

2:10 Seth Clifford: about 7% are running the latest version

2:10 Seth Clifford: recapping iOS 5 updates that made it great

2:10 Leanna Lofte: 7%???

2:10 Seth Clifford: sending 7 billion push notifications every day

2:10 Leanna Lofte: oh. on Android.

2:10 Seth Clifford: yes, android, leanna :)

2:11 Leanna Lofte:

2:11 Seth Clifford: 140 M iMessage users, 150 billion messages, 1B+ a day

2:11 Leanna Lofte:

2:11 Leanna Lofte:

2:11 Seth Clifford: twitter - 3x growth increase after iOS 5, 10+B tweets from iOS 5

2:11 Seth Clifford: nearly half of all photos shared from iOS 5

2:12 Seth Clifford: game center - 130 million accounts, tons of use,

2:12 Seth Clifford: 75% of customers self-report "very satisfied"

2:12 Seth Clifford: every year there's a new OS

2:12 Seth Clifford: announcing iOS 6!

2:12 Leanna Lofte:

2:12 Seth Clifford: (surprise)

2:12 Leanna Lofte:

2:12 Seth Clifford: more than 200 new features - starting with Siri

2:12 Leanna Lofte:

2:13 Leanna Lofte:

2:13 Seth Clifford: showing what Siri does now - here comes a demo

2:13 Seth Clifford: (of new stuff)

2:13 Leanna Lofte:

2:13 Seth Clifford: (new maps icon on screen too!)

2:13 Seth Clifford: Siri reports sports scores inline

2:13 Seth Clifford: scoreboard widget

2:14 Leanna Lofte:

2:14 Seth Clifford: you can ask about individual players - what is buster posey's batting average?

2:14 Seth Clifford: little baseball card widgets

2:14 Seth Clifford: what are the national league standings - see all teams

2:14 Leanna Lofte:

2:14 Seth Clifford: also basketball - who is taller - lebron or kobe?

2:15 Seth Clifford: "lebron james appears to be slightly taller"

2:15 Seth Clifford: and football too

2:15 Seth Clifford: "when is 49ers first game of the season"

2:15 Leanna Lofte:

2:15 Leanna Lofte:

2:15 Seth Clifford: Siri delivers lots of sports info

2:15 Seth Clifford: Siri has learned more about restaurants "find a great place for dinner"

2:16 Seth Clifford: way more detailed info about restaurants, menu item prices, really nice map widget, partnership with yelp built in

2:16 Leanna Lofte:

2:16 Leanna Lofte:

2:16 Seth Clifford: also partnered with open table, make reservations from siri

2:16 Leanna Lofte:

2:16 Seth Clifford: siri is a movie buff...

2:17 Seth Clifford: "what movies are playing at the metreon" - shows movies, show times, rotten tomatoes integration

2:17 Leanna Lofte:

2:17 Seth Clifford: you can tap to watch trailer right in siri

2:17 Seth Clifford: (avengers trailer!)

2:17 Seth Clifford: yaaaa

2:17 Leanna Lofte:

2:18 Seth Clifford: ask about directors or actors - "show me movies starring scarlett johansson"

2:18 Leanna Lofte:

2:18 Seth Clifford: siri can launch apps now too!

2:18 Seth Clifford: excuse me:

2:18 Seth Clifford: YAYAYAAAAAYYYY

2:18 Leanna Lofte: hell yeah

2:18 Seth Clifford: "play temple run"

2:18 Seth Clifford: launches app instantly

2:18 Seth Clifford: demo over

2:19 Seth Clifford: so many new things siri can do (gotta see the slide!)

2:19 Seth Clifford: you can tweet right from siri!

2:19 Seth Clifford: new thing: eyes-free

2:19 Seth Clifford: hands on your steering wheel while you use phone - working with car manufacturers to enable steering wheel button to bring up siri

2:19 Seth Clifford: nice

2:20 Leanna Lofte: great. Apple is going to make me want a new car.

2:20 Seth Clifford: big names - auto manufacturers are bringing eyes free in next 12 months

2:20 Seth Clifford: siri is going into more countries too

2:20 Seth Clifford: english-french for canada!

2:20 Seth Clifford: spanish

2:20 Leanna Lofte:

2:20 Seth Clifford: for spain, mexico, and us

2:20 Seth Clifford: italian

2:20 Leanna Lofte:

2:21 Leanna Lofte:

2:21 Seth Clifford: italian, french, german, korean, mandarin, cantonese, wow...

2:21 Seth Clifford: huge stuff.

2:21 Seth Clifford: local search goes world wide

2:21 Leanna Lofte:

2:21 Seth Clifford: siri is coming to the new iPad!!!

2:22 Seth Clifford: facebook integration!

2:22 Seth Clifford: username and pass in settings.app

2:22 Seth Clifford: single sign on

2:22 Seth Clifford: post from photos, safari, maps, app store, iTunes, game center

2:23 Leanna Lofte:

2:23 Seth Clifford: quick tweet and fb post right from notification center

2:23 Leanna Lofte:

2:23 Seth Clifford: (did jailbreak get sherlocked?) lol just kidding, ally

2:23 Seth Clifford: public facebook API

2:23 Seth Clifford: easy for apps to integrate

2:23 Seth Clifford: also integrated with app store and iTunes - see what you like and your friends

2:24 Seth Clifford: share contact and calendar information through facebook as well

2:24 Leanna Lofte: no thanks

2:24 Seth Clifford: facebook events right into calendar - and facebook is on the Mac too

2:24 Seth Clifford: haha leanna

2:24 Seth Clifford: new phone enhancements... hmm

2:25 Leanna Lofte:

2:25 Leanna Lofte: wait. the iphone has a phone? i forgot.

2:25 Leanna Lofte:

2:25 Seth Clifford: can't answer the phone? in iOS 6, camera slide-y thing lets you text them right now or set a reminder to call back later

2:25 Seth Clifford: quick canned message with action sheet

2:25 Seth Clifford: reminders (in an hour, when i leave, when i get home, etc) using geo fences. nice!

2:26 Leanna Lofte:

2:26 Seth Clifford: do not disturb up next

2:26 Seth Clifford: allows you to disable notifications when you switch it on - the messages will still come, but screen won't light up or make noise

2:26 Leanna Lofte:

2:26 Leanna Lofte:

2:27 Seth Clifford: fine grained control over phone calls - none at all, only from favorites, special group - emergency second call abilities

2:27 Seth Clifford: cool stuff

2:27 Seth Clifford: facetime update

2:27 Leanna Lofte: i hope iPhone 5 has hardware button for it

2:27 Seth Clifford: now works over 3/4G!

2:27 Seth Clifford: facetime enabled over cellular connections

2:28 Leanna Lofte:

2:28 Seth Clifford: unifying phone number and apple ID as well (YES)

2:28 Seth Clifford: someone calls your phone number w facetime, answer on iPad or Mac

2:28 Seth Clifford: works with iMessage too

2:28 Seth Clifford: very sweet

2:28 Leanna Lofte: finally.

2:28 Seth Clifford: safari's up - 2/3 of all mobile web traffic from iOS

2:29 Seth Clifford: talking iCloud tabs again

2:29 Seth Clifford: offline reading list

2:29 Leanna Lofte:

2:29 Leanna Lofte:

2:29 Seth Clifford: upload photos right from safari to website (showing shutterfly)

2:29 Leanna Lofte:

2:29 Seth Clifford: adding "smart app banners"

2:30 Seth Clifford: if someone goes to website, you can show that you have a native app in the app store - HUGE for developers

2:30 Seth Clifford: one tap, native app installs

2:30 Seth Clifford: can switch right to native app if it's already installed, web site talks to app, pick up right where you left off

2:30 Leanna Lofte:

2:30 Seth Clifford: full screen support in landscape

2:30 Seth Clifford: next up - photo stream

2:31 Seth Clifford: shared photo streams in iOS 6

2:31 Seth Clifford: choose photos to share, choose friends, that's it - push not. goes to friends, photos appear in album in photos app, can comment right on photos - works on iOS and Mac (iPhoto/Aperture), on windows in web browser, and Apple TV

2:32 Seth Clifford: new mail enhancements

2:32 Seth Clifford: VIP support

2:32 Leanna Lofte:

2:32 Seth Clifford: mark someone as a VIP, get notification of VIP email like a tet message, VIPs are marked as stars, extra new mailbox

2:33 Seth Clifford: insert photos and videos right in compose window!

2:33 Seth Clifford: FINALLY

2:33 Seth Clifford: and open password protected docs

2:33 Seth Clifford: AND

2:33 Seth Clifford: pull-to-refresh!

2:33 Seth Clifford: new app - passbook

2:33 Seth Clifford: "simplest way to get all your passes in one place"

2:33 Leanna Lofte:

2:34 Seth Clifford: airline apps, boarding passes, starbucks app, movie tickets

2:34 Leanna Lofte:

2:34 Seth Clifford: all these things get placed in one single app

2:34 Seth Clifford: integrates into OS

2:34 Seth Clifford: integrates into lock screen - when you get to the movie theater, ticket pops up on lock screen (demo time)

2:35 Leanna Lofte:

2:35 Leanna Lofte:

2:35 Leanna Lofte:

2:35 Seth Clifford: showing different passes (target card, starbucks, baseball tickets, app store gift card, boarding passes)

2:36 Seth Clifford: coupons, express check-in card for hotel

2:36 Leanna Lofte:

2:36 Seth Clifford: when you want to delete, the app shreds the card (very cool)

2:36 Leanna Lofte:

2:36 Seth Clifford: location based - go to starbucks, card comes up, pay for coffee, leave

2:36 Leanna Lofte:

2:36 Leanna Lofte:

2:36 Seth Clifford: gate change at the airport? boarding pass updates automatically

2:37 Leanna Lofte:

2:37 Seth Clifford: next up: guided access

2:37 Seth Clifford: people with special needs (specifically children w autism) flocking to iOS

2:37 Leanna Lofte:

2:38 Seth Clifford: guided access - you can circle parts of the app you don't want someone (child) to touch, hides settings, and enables single app mode - home button disablesd

2:38 Seth Clifford: students in school: teacher can lock students into a test on iPad

2:38 Seth Clifford: museums: iPads, iPod touches for guided tours

2:39 Seth Clifford: maps up now

2:39 Leanna Lofte:

2:39 Seth Clifford: entirely new mapping solution from the ground up

2:39 Seth Clifford: gorgeous maps

2:39 Seth Clifford: local search

2:40 Seth Clifford: 100 million business listings around the world

2:40 Seth Clifford: find business, yelp integration, bring up business card, traffic service

2:40 Seth Clifford: accidents overlaid

2:40 Seth Clifford: anonymous real time crowd sourced data from iOS users to keep traffic data as fresh as possible

2:41 Seth Clifford: and

2:41 Seth Clifford: turn by turn navigation

2:41 Seth Clifford: boom

2:41 Leanna Lofte:

2:41 Leanna Lofte:

2:41 Leanna Lofte:

2:41 Seth Clifford: one tap after finding a destination, monitor traffic, update ETA, reroute available, works from lock screen as well(!)

2:41 Leanna Lofte:

2:41 Seth Clifford: and siri integration!

2:42 Leanna Lofte:

2:42 Seth Clifford: "take me to ___" "where can i get gas?"

2:42 Seth Clifford: "are we there yet?"

2:42 Seth Clifford: flyover - new feature

2:42 Seth Clifford: building a 3D photographic model from helicopters around the world

2:42 Seth Clifford: demo time!

2:43 Leanna Lofte:

2:43 Seth Clifford: vector based - really fast, rotate

2:43 Leanna Lofte:

2:43 Leanna Lofte:

2:43 Seth Clifford: zoom in, buildings appear, info cards, read reviews, view photos, and 3D

2:43 Leanna Lofte:

2:43 Leanna Lofte:

2:43 Leanna Lofte:

2:44 Leanna Lofte:

2:44 Seth Clifford: flyover is AMAZING

2:44 Leanna Lofte:

2:44 Seth Clifford: it's like being in a helicopter tour - on your iPad/iPhone

2:44 Seth Clifford: not a movie

2:44 Seth Clifford: rendered in real time

2:44 Seth Clifford: you control the flyover

2:45 Seth Clifford: uh, wow.

2:45 Seth Clifford: showing turn by turn directions

2:45 Leanna Lofte:

2:45 Leanna Lofte:

2:45 Leanna Lofte:

2:45 Leanna Lofte:

2:46 Seth Clifford: absolutely awesome rendering, siri assistance

2:46 Seth Clifford: zoom in, zoom out at any point, see eta

2:47 Seth Clifford: 3d renders make it unmistakably easy to navigate

2:47 Leanna Lofte: wonder how AT&T will handle it :P

2:47 Seth Clifford: new iPad clock app!

2:47 Leanna Lofte:

2:48 Seth Clifford: slide coming (with all features)

2:48 Seth Clifford: someone tell georgia there's gonna be a clock on the iPad

2:48 Leanna Lofte: finally

2:48 Seth Clifford: all chinese features added to iOS 6 as well

2:49 Leanna Lofte:

2:49 Seth Clifford: transit apps from 3rd party devs featured and promoted in maps on iOS 6

2:50 Seth Clifford: beta hits TODAY

2:50 Seth Clifford: coming this fall

2:50 Seth Clifford: supports 3GS and later, iPad 2/3, 4th gen iPod touch

2:50 Seth Clifford: back to tim!

2:50 Seth Clifford: wow. really impressive stuff today.

2:51 Seth Clifford: 1. new macbook pro - super thin and light, incredible performance

2:51 Leanna Lofte:

2:51 Seth Clifford: 2. os x mountain lion - tons of new features, integrations, best os x yet

2:51 Leanna Lofte:

2:51 Leanna Lofte:

2:51 Seth Clifford: 3. iOS 6 - new maps app, FB integration, shared photo streams

2:52 Seth Clifford: only apple could make such amazing hardware, software and services - Tim

2:52 Leanna Lofte:

2:52 Seth Clifford: talking about making differences in people's real lives

2:52 Leanna Lofte:

2:53 Leanna Lofte:

2:53 Leanna Lofte:

2:53 Seth Clifford: that's it! BOOM BOOM BOOM and BOOM

2:53 Seth Clifford: no Apple TV SDK and iMore totally nailed the Siri navigation!

2:54 Seth Clifford: (from Rene)

2:54 Seth Clifford: ok guys! we're outta here! talk to you later!

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.