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President Obama meeting with Steve Jobs

It looks like US President Barack Obama will be meeting with Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs today. Business Insider reports:

"President Obama is flying to the Bay Area from Seattle this afternoon. He's speaking at Google exec Marissa Mayer's house in Palo Alto this evening. Before that, says a source familiar with the details, he will have a one-on-one meeting with Steve Jobs."

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First Lady of the United States tweets first on iPhone

During the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama sent out her first tweet, via CNN's Ed Henry. After light-hearted negotiations and getting clearance from the top -- the very tip top -- Henry typed the tweet out on his iPhone on Mrs. Obama's behalf:

"from flotus: 'here at dinner this is officially my first Tweet. i am looking forward to some good laughs from the potus and jay'".

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Friday Fun Video Jimmy Kimmel Auto-Tunes T-Pain & Obama on the iPhone

Oh yes, Jimmy Kimmel brought'n'd'ed it with this I Am T-Pain for the iPhone mash-up featuring T-Pain himself, President Obama, and auto-tune.

Warning: there are some things you can never un-watch!

I am T-Pain developer, Smule, also let us know they're running a "I'm on a Boat" contest, so if you want to get your own auto-tune on, check it out.

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Inaugural Wall Paper for the iPhone

The UI wizards at Gx5 have been a favorite of mine since they saved my old Treo 680 from the Garnet-uglies back in the day. So, when sibling-site leader, TreoCentral's own Jennifer was kind enough to forward us news from Gx5 that they had whipped up some iPhone (and iPod touch) optimized Obama wallpapers just in time for the Inauguration, we figured we'd pass it on to you, our readers, as well.

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Ustream iPhone Viewer's Inaugural Debut

iPhone Gets iPolitical for the US Elections

Confession: I'm a Canadian. We schedule elections whenever the wind changes, have incredibly short 6-week campaigns with more parties than you can shake a maple leaf at (seriously, I think there's a Leaf Shaking Party as well!), and don't directly vote for a prime-minister anyway, so my understanding of the passion and prejudices that go along with every-4-years Red vs. Blue SuperElections in the US is next to nill. As long as you folks to the south keep using our hottie singers, actors, and comedians for those wonderful "television shows" you beam back across the border, I'm happy.

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iObama! iPhone Campaign Sighting

Either sister site Crackberry.com jumped the gun in endorsing Barack Obama based on his favorite gadget being a "Blackberry", or the Senator once again proved himself the young, hip, agent of change in ditching last year's Waterloo for some Cupertino chic in the form of the iPhone.

Whether a gift from Oprah, or from El Jobso himself in lieu of campaign donations, this video (after the ad, 1:10 in -- kinda) clearly shows Obama pulling out his elegantly styled iPhone, effortlessly navigating its unmatched user interface, and easily receiving the information he needed.

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