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Parallels launches Remote Application Server 15 for businesses

Parallels, which develops the virtualization app of the same name, has introduced the latest version of Remote Application Server.

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Parallels 11 fully supports Windows 10, brings Microsoft's Cortana to the Mac

Parallels 11 has just been released with support for Windows 10, which can now be emulated within OS X. What's more is the Parallels team has brought Microsoft's personal assistant to the Mac.

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Parallels Access adds an Apple Watch app, file sharing support

Parallels Access, which lets you remotely connect with and control your PC or Mac from your iPhone and iPad, has hit version 3.0, adding an Apple Watch app and file sharing support.

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Virtualizing Windows: VMWare Fusion 7 vs. Parallels Desktop 10

There are two prominent commercial packages to help run Windows 10 on your Mac: VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop.

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How to install Parallels Desktop and Windows 10 on your Mac

Now that Parallels Desktop supports Windows 10 Technical Preview, you can safely run Microsoft's new OS on your Mac.

Apple's Boot Camp software lets Macs runs Windows by restarting in Windows instead of OS X. Boot Camp, however, doesn't officially support Windows 10 yet. In the interim, there are other ways to get Windows 10 to work on the Mac. One of the best ways is using Parallels Desktop 10. Here's how!

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Parallels now supports running Windows 10 inside OS X

Parallels today released an update for their OS X virtualization software that will allow Mac users to download, install, and run the Windows 10 Technical Preview as a virtual machine. Yes, Windows 10 on OS X (ten) through Parallels 10. It's a mouthful, and technically experimental support right now. But it's also another avenue for people to try out Microsoft's latest and greatest OS (itself in a not-quite-finished state) without having to resort to crazy things like partitioning.

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Parallels Desktop 10 arrives with OS X Yosemite support, improved battery life, and more

Parallels has launched Parallels Desktop 10, the latest version of their virtual machine software. Version 10 now features support for OS X Yosemite, the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system, due out later this year. It also features battery life improvements and better storage management.

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Parallels Access app now available for iPhone

Parallels, the company made famous for enabling Windows running on Mac, has released Parallels Access for iPhone. Originally available only for the iPad, today's release adds both iPhone support as well as Android. Installation is simple, just install the app from the App Store and set up your account, then follow the instructions you'll receive in your email. It requires a desktop component, which you'll be prompted to install during the initial setup.

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Parallels Desktop 9 improves performance by up to 40 percent, adds cloud support

Parallels on Thursday announced the upcoming release of Parallels Desktop 9, a new version of its virtualization software that enables you run Windows, Linux and other operating systems on your Mac without having to reboot first, as you do using Apple's Boot Camp software. Parallels Desktop 9 is available today as an upgrade for existing customers; the full version will be released on September 5, 2013.

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Parallels 'applifies' Mac and Windows apps onto iPad

Almost since Apple turned to Intel for Mac microprocessors in 2006, Parallels Desktop has been a mainstay for Mac users wanting to run Windows alongside their Macs without having to reboot first. Now the company is turning its spotlight on the iPad with a new app called Parallels Access, which enables you to operate Mac (and Windows) apps from your iPad, as if they were running locally.

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