Procreate 3.1 is now available for iPad with 4K video replay, PDF export, and more

The popular drawing software Procreate for iPad has just been updated to version 3.1 on the App Store.

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Snag popular sketching app Procreate Pocket for free through the Apple Store app

Popular sketching app Procreate Pocket is currently free through a promotion in the Apple Store app.

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Procreate 3 brings iPad Pro and Apple Pencil support, along with several other new features

Procreate, the amazing drawing software for the iPad, has just reached version 3 which brings support for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Additionally, it adds a number of new features to make the drawing experience even better.

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Procreate Pocket turns your Apple Watch into a digital artist's palette

With the release of the Apple Watch, the watch app for Procreate Pocket is ready to help you shape your mobile masterpiece. There has also been a substantial update to Procreate for iPad.

The Procreate Pocket app for the Apple Watch has been ready for almost a month, but now that the watch has started to arrive on the doorsteps of many, you can now use it to access tools while you draw.

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Procreate Pocket now available for on-the-go doodlers

The excellent iPad drawing app Procreate has been reimagined for iPhone. Procreate Pocket continues to offer an array of brushes, layers, adjustments for hue, saturation, and brightness, and continuous auto-save, so you never have to worry about losing your masterpiece. At the same time, the devs have updated their iPad app with iCloud Drive, AirDrop, and AirPrint support, along with Palm Support, which allows you to use touch gestures while resting your hand on the screen.

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What's on Rene's iPad right now!

Since there aren't a ton of iOS devices — like there are Android or smartwatches — the staff at iMore has traditionally shared our favorite apps instead. We didn't get to it at the end of last year, what with the best app awards and CES and all, so we decided to do it now, as a way to ring in the new year. Last week I shared what's on my iPhone for The Sweet Setup, so I'm going to focus on the iPad now. Here's my current iPad Air Home screen, and a few words on why I have it just exactly that way...

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Artist creates insanely realistic painting of Morgan Freeman using an iPad and Procreate

Simply put; this is insane. Artist Kyle Lambert has created this masterpiece that you'd be forgiven for thinking at first glance was a photograph but is actually a painting created using an iPad and the Procreate app. And a whole lot of time. About 200 hours to be precise.

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Procreate 2 for iPad now available, adds 64-bit, iOS 7 design, new GPU accelerated filters, and more

Procreate by Savage Interactive is the best power-drawing and painting tool I've used on the iPad and it's just hit version 2. Included in the update is 64-bit support for iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and Retina iPad mini, as well as an all new, all iOS 7 icon and design. There's also an improved gallery, and even better - new GPU-acclerated filters like Gaussian Blur, Sharpen, Noise, Hue, saturation & brightness, Color Balance (Highlights, Midtones, Shadows), and Curves (Gamma, Red, Green, Blue).

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Procreate gets 4K canvas, full screen interface, new blend modes, and much more

Procreate, one of the best art apps for the iPad, has been updated to version 1.7, which adds a ton of new features, including support for 4K Cinema canvas sizes, a new, full screen mode, and a bunch of new blend modes including: color, saturation, hue, luminosity, overlay, hard light, soft light, linear burn, color dodge, color burn, difference, and subtract.

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iMore Picks of the Week for February 25, 2012

Every week a few of us from team iMore will bring you our current favorite, most fun and useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they’re iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch related, they’re fair game.

To see what we picked, and to tell us your pick, follow on after the break!

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