Procreate 3.1 is now available for iPad with 4K video replay, PDF export, and more

The popular drawing software Procreate for iPad has just been updated to version 3.1 on the App Store. The app was previously bumped to 3.0, which added some big new features like Pencil and iPad Pro support, and now with 3.1 the team has added yet more improvements. We're looking at 4K video replay, the ability to export work as PDF files, as well as Apple Pencil tip customization.

Here's the full list of improvements included in Procreate version 3.1:

  • Users can now record and export their artwork replays in 4K. Procreate still records every stroke in the background without interruption, but now in ultra high definition.
  • This new technology is ideal for calligraphers and comic artists. Adjust the Streamline setting to control how Procreate smoothes, corrects and stabilizes strokes for near perfect curves and flourishes. Streamline corrects in real time as you're drawing, making it possible for anyone to create perfectly smooth linework.
  • Quick Menu allows users to place the features they use most right at their fingertips. This highly customisable shortcut system is controlled by simple gestures. Once invoked, the menu will appear around the Apple Pencil or finger and users can tap or flick an action, making advanced features quick and easy.
  • Users can simply tap or drag to select contiguous or similar areas of an artwork, significantly speeding up workflow.
  • Procreate's canvas creation system has been completely redesigned. Canvases can now be measured in pixels, millimetres, centimetres, or inches, as well as tracking DPI. Custom canvases are now automatically saved for easy reuse.
  • Artworks can now be exported as PDF files, and multiple artworks or groups can be selected in the Gallery and exported to one multi-page PDF file.
  • The angle at which the Tilt feature kicks in is now completely customisable per brush, allowing users to customise Tilt to exactly match how they work.
  • The new Modify button on the sidebar lets users access the Eyedropper incredibly quickly. Just hold the button and tap the canvas to instantly select a color and continue painting.

You can buy Procreate on the App Store for $5.99.

Rich Edmonds