Someone is making a keyboard specifically for Procreate

Shortcut Keyboard for Procreate and iPad Pro
Shortcut Keyboard for Procreate and iPad Pro (Image credit: SKFP)

If you're a heavy user of Procreate and have always wished there was an accessory purpose-built for the app, today is a pretty good day for you.

The Shortcut Keyboard for Procreate is a small keyboard accessory built for the iPad that is designed to provide its users with a ton of shortcut keys for the Procreate app — thirty-four, to be exact.

SKFP, a shortcut keyboard, KS special version, is designed to improve the productivity of artists who use Procreate®. With 34 accessible shortcut keys, SKFP team helps you boost creativity, perform common actions on iPad® faster and speed up the Procreate® workflow.

Shortcut Keyboard for Procreate with the iPad Pro

Shortcut Keyboard for Procreate with the iPad Pro (Image credit: SKFP)

The creators of the keyboard say that it will reduce fatigue and increase your productivity with the app.

No more fatigue from repetitive motions, you can keep your eyes on the project and quickly switch positions while barely moving a muscle. Designed for intuitive operation, you will quickly build the muscle memory to learn where each shortcut button is and working with Procreate® will be faster, easier, and less stressful on your wrists.

You can grab an early bird special price right now

For anyone interested in picking up one of the keyboards, you're in luck. There are still some early bird special prices for those who back the project early (at the time of this article being published, of course).

Below is a breakdown of all of the price options available:

  • Super Early Bird special: $39 (40% off MSRP of $65)
  • Early Bird special: $49 (25% off MSRP of $65)
  • KS special: $59 (9% off MSRP of $65)

If you need a keyboard for yourself and someone else, there are also two-pack early bird special options that can net you two for just $78.

You can also choose to add on a felted wool sleeve case to store your keyboard in while you're on the go. The sleeve case costs an extra $5.

The creators of the project say that they will start to ship keyboards starting in November of 2022. You can back the project on Kickstarter now.

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