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Watch Georgia Dow and Russell Holly discuss the Pokémon craze on Tech News Today

Our very own Georgia Dow and Russell Holly were on Tech News Today on TWiT to join host Megan Morrone in discussing the latest tech headlines, as well as some Pokémon for good measure.

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Nude and surrounded by trees: TWiT talks Apple retail

How an Apple retail store discussion turned into a back-and-forth between Chewbacca and a nude, tree-surrounded Leo Laporte is beyond me, but it happened on TWiT and it was hilarious.

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TWiT 24 hr. New Year's party videos!

I was in Petaluma, California, just an hour or so north of San Francisco, where Leo Laporte and the TWiT team did their annual 24 hrs. of New Year's party. That's where they start with New Zealand, the first time zone to hit 2015 and keep going until Hawaii, the last time zone hits it. It's a marathon, but it's all for a great cause — to raise money for UNICEF.

I joined in for Dance Central with Chad Johnson, badly, had a panel discussion on whether robots will one day eat us with Steve Gibson, Jeff Jarvis, and Randal Swartz, argued iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus, gotten beat at chess, taught some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Leo, and played trivia with Paul Thurrott. You can find all those videos below, and the entire event at TWiT Live Specials. Give them a watch and, if you can, please donate!

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This Week in Tech 410: Now With More Neck Stabbing

While I was out in San Francisco for WWDC 2013, I had the pleasure of joining Leo Laporte, Russ Pitts, Trey Ratcliff, and Dieter Bohn to talk Google Loons, E3, and Apple.

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Behind the scenes at MacBreak Weekly and TWiT

Thanks to Leo Laport, Alex Lindsay, and the teams at TWiT and Pixel Corps, I was able to take a look behind the scenes of MacBreak Weekly yesterday. I've already posted about the experience, so here's the video and photos, shot by Martin Reisch.

You can also watch how the final show turned out in between all the meta.

Thanks again, Leo, Alex, Chad, Lisa, and everyone at TWiT!

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iMore at Macworld|iWorld 2013: TWiT

Tuesday morning we woke up early and headed over to Blue Bottle for some state-of-the-art-of coffee. If you like coffee and you're ever in San Francisco, it's simply a must-visit. When Apple events are in town, the line out front of Blue Bottle is often a long and filled with geeks as the lines to get into the sessions.

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MacBreak Weekly 305: Buy it in Protest

I had the pleasure of joining Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, and Mac OS Ken on MacBreak Weekly today. Leo and the TWiT network are the pioneers of internet radio and television, and MacBreak Weekly and Mac OS Ken are both seminal works in the Apple community, so it was great to be able to sit in on the discussions.

Topics included the new iPhone connector, the smaller iPad, and those poor Apple Store employees.

Check out the video above, or for more streaming and download options, audio and video, hit the link below.

(And thanks as well to Chad for making my MBW debut as gentle as possible.)

Show: MacBreak Weekly 305

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Macworld: Leo Laporte-Note Gallery!

See our live-to-text blog of Leo Laporte's Macworld 2009 address on New Media for all the details, but for the pictures, see just below the break!

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Macworld 2009: Leo Laporte-Note Non-Live Blog (Now Up!)

Leo Laporte of TWiT fame's Macworld 2009 Keynote. Be sure to check out our photo gallery as well. All the highlights after the break!

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Official iPhone Qik App Brings TWiT's Live!

Chief TWiT Leo Laporte just streamed live from his iPhone via the official (non-Jailbreak) version of the Qik App, which he says should be available in the App Store soon.

All the rage last year in the blogsphere, many iPhone users were stuck carrying around a Nokia 95 just for Qik live streaming. Perhaps, no longer!

Check out the recording to get an idea of the quality. Looks like it doesn't handle motion very well, but is otherwise fairly decent. Still, we have to wonder, what will this do to AT&T's "rabbit ear" 3G network?

Either way, we can't wait for this App to drop!

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