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EE launches the UK's first LTE network

Today, EE (Everything Everywhere) has officially launched the UK's very first LTE network. The service will initially roll out across eleven UK cities with that coverage increasing by 2000 sq miles every month.

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Multi-carrier UK LTE rollout now set for Spring 2013, EE exclusive won't last that long after all...

The UK government has announced that the mobile networks in the UK have buried their differences and agreed a new timetable for the roll out of LTE. The agreements were made at a meeting yesterday involving Ofcom and the rival mobile networks. It was agreed that all of their differences would be settled and the one aim would be to get the roll out of LTE expedited with a target now of Spring 2013

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Hands on with the iPhone 5 on the new EE 4G LTE network in the UK

I was lucky enough to get invited to a little get-together this week to test out EE's -- formerly Everything Everywhere, the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile -- LTE 4G speeds on a selection of devices, including the iPhone 5.

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Everything Everywhere branding goes live in the UK, still waiting on iPhone 5....

The last couple of weeks have been noteworthy for EE (Everything Everywhere) in the UK. Combining Orange and T-Mobile, the company first announced its new EE branding at the launch of its 4G LTE network, and shortly thereafter it was plastered up on the big iPhone 5 event map for the whole world to see. And now it's going up on local shops as well.

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Best iPhone 5 PAYG nano-SIM options for traveling to the UK

If you’re visiting the United Kingdom with a GSM unlocked iPhone 5, your main options for Pay As You Go SIMs are limited to two of the five major networks. At the time of writing, only Three, T-Mobile and O2 offer nano-SIMs on Pay As You Go (pre-paid) deals.

Read on for a breakdown of what you can expect, as well as a few other options you may want to consider.

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Hundreds of iPhone 5 units stolen in Japan and UK

The iPhone 5 is just barely available to the public and already two high-volume burglaries have cleared out the inventory in some stores. In the UK, an O2 store assistant from Ilford is suspect of stealing some 252 iPhone 5 units and an unspecified amount of cash from the store's safe at around 1:30 AM this morning.

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How to track your iPhone 5 delivery if you’re in the UK

If you are in the UK and sitting at home or in the office impatiently waiting for your iPhone 5 delivery, this information could help to calm your nerves. If you use the tracking information provided by Apple on its website, you will more than likely see that your iPhone 5 shipment is being handled by a company called Syncreon Parcel Delivery. A quick visit to their track and trace service and the bad news is that your iPhone 5 is in Hinkley; do not despair, it's probably not.

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iPhone 5 European pricing revealed, 16GB model suffers price increase

Apple has now revealed the pricing for an off contract SIM free iPhone 5 in various European countries and if you thought last year’s prices were expensive this year will see those costs go up again. Last year Apple sold the iPhone 4S 16GB version in the UK for £499.00, this year the iPhone 5 16GB model will be sold for £529.00; that’s an increase of around 6%.

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iPhone 5 in the UK - EE gets a hero phone for its 4G network

Apple’s 90-plus minute iPhone 5 launch event was packed with details about the new device’s hardware and software, but for viewers in the UK, the most important information was covered in just a few frames of video. As the camera panned over the map of iPhone 5 LTE carriers across the globe, Brits got their confirmation of what many had suspected -- the world’s first 4G iPhone would work on their country's first 4G network.

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Everything Everywhere to announce new, possibly LTE network in the UK on September 11, the day before iPhone 5...

U.K. carrier Everything Everywhere, the amalgam of Orange and T-Mobile U.K., has just announced a special event for Tuesday, September 11, the day before Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 5. Alex Dobie of our Mobile Nations sibling site, Android Central, scored an invitation:

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