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BBC iPlayer update coming today, will finally allow on-device downloads

The BBC will finally release an update to its UK only BBC iPlayer app that will bring downloads to your iPhone and iPad. The current version of iPlayer will only allow you to stream content to your device which has always been very limiting, especially if you are travelling. The news comes from The Guardian and the update should go live sometime today.

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Apple improves UK online shopping experience with live chat and guided tours

Apple has upgraded its online Apple Store shopping experience in the UK with the introduction of live online chat, guided tours and product training. The new service has been rolled out for potential iPhone and iPad buyers in the UK to help them make the correct buying decisions.

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Why an LTE iPhone 5 won’t be a very attractive proposition for UK consumers

There has been a lot of talk over how the iPhone 5 will be a major upgrade from the current iPhone 4S. Consistent rumors point to not only a taller screen but most importantly an LTE radio. What is LTE and why does it matter? LTE in very basic terms is a mobile data technology that offers very fast data. Imagine if you will, downloading data onto your iPhone at a something like 50Mbit/s in real world situations and you’re getting the gist

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Everything Everywhere getting early LTE in the UK, but will they get an LTE iPhone to go with it?

While the UK is way ahead when it comes to angry chefs yelling at people on TV, so far their LTE deployment has been anything but speedy. However, Everything Everywhere, the company formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, has been granted a license by Ofcom to start deploying LTE on 1800MHz -- this September. If that time frame sounds familiar, it's because it's also the rumored time frame for the iPhone 5 announcement. Coincidental? Maybe, but it would put Everything Everywhere well ahead of rivals O2 and Vodafone, who are still waiting on an oft-delayed spectrum auction before they can even begin their LTE rollouts.

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BBC iPlayer gets updated with retina quality video and performance improvements

The BBC has eventually released an update to its hugely popular TV catch up app, BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer is only available for UK customers who pay their license fees and it offers a full 7 day catch up service of all BBC TV and radio programs. The update to BBC iPlayer, finally brings retina quality video for the new third generation iPad and a few more improvements too.

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The new iPad already facing supply shortages, new orders shipping in 1-3 weeks

Have you pre-ordered your new iPad yet? If not, you could be in for a bit of a wait. It seems that Apple have pushed back the shipping date in most counties. The Apple Store now displays 'Delivers between the 16th and the 20th March'. In the UK, it's even worse with '2-3 weeks'.

People in the US, have a little while longer to go yet; however Apple are warning that the new iPad is in 'limited supplies', so they could be seeing a delay very soon.

Did you manage to get your order in? If so, when are you expecting delivery

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UK broadcaster ITV warns Apple over using its name for a rumored Apple televison set [Updated]

There have been an increasing number of rumors flying around that Apple is set to launch its own television set later this year. The rumors also all seem to think that if Apple does follow this product route, this particular television set will be called the iTV.

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UK network O2 apologizes for disclosing phone numbers to websites

Earlier today, we posted a report from TNW that showed UK carrier O2, had been transmitting phone numbers to every website visited via their 2G or 3G network.

After the backlash on Twitter, O2 acknowledged and fixed the issue at 2pm GMT today, followed by an apology on their blog, including a Q&A to explain exactly what happened and who was affected.

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UK network O2 allegedly giving out your phone number to every website you visit

UK network O2 appears to be submitting your telephone number to any website you visit whilst using the data connection on your phone. According to report from TNW, the information is transmitted when a user asks for a webpage view.

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Microsoft launches MSN UK for iPad

Microsoft has launched another app for the iPad, this time it is MSN UK. MSN UK is brings all the latest news, sport and entertainment from the UK right to your iPad.

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